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Eight New Releases From Atlantic

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G-w Class Clown: "X Full House: Close to the I 5eo,c fj ITheJ-Geils Edge: Yes jff irfiL . il rBanrLiye" !! hcuse GeorgeCarhn just gets runnier ■■■■■■b Astrikingly original and beautiful andfunnier. But more J. Geils'latest, "Full House'isa LP built aroundtwo extended importantly, Carlin is live album in every senseof the pieces of music. The group concerned with the truth and word. Destined to be a definitive projectsa shimmering motif of humanity, and these basic values work in its field, the album s sound built from Wakeman's shine through all of his humor. hard core rock and roll which keyboards, Howe's guitar, This album contains "the Seven has an impact which is nothing Squires bass, Brufords drums Words You Can Never Say on short of pnenomenal. and Jon Andersons soaring Televisión" routine, as well as vocals. other Carlin favorites. Diamondsin I "k f "X Delbert& i theRough: M Batdorf& m k Glen I John Prine 7 Bodneij p " m &mH r HBHB cieai É mmmxmi Delbert GGIen is actually ■WBHfc" IHH1B B Delbert McClinton and Glen John Prine continúes to explore Batdorf and Rodney continue to Clark, two talented country the musical potential of the spin swirling melodies and rockers from Texas who really country blues idioms and créate harmonies around their lyrics know how to get to the true grit specific, precisely etched mood with deftness and undeniable and funkiness of their musicomasterpieces with his brilliant taste. Their musicianship mixes spiritual environment. They play lyrics. Each song tells a story in feeling with exceptional and sing really well, and their a very real and poignant way, . ligence and superb production. original material is amongsome with a delicate layerof irony of the best you've heard in a underscoring many of the:ongs. I long time. W 1 Black Heat ( f Silverhead I m w ) yl üh A new seven man group from wth a fíurT of coourSi fash Washington, D.C, Black Heat and sound nere comes Si,ver. has clean, tight, hard-punching head an excitjng musical-visual soul sounds flavored with Latín cotJibo from England. Led by and Afncan rhythms. This is Marquis Michael Des Barres and hard-charging, frequently 'advocating "Jewel Sexuality," eloquent music. Silverhead is the next thing in rock. Atlantic Records. It all started here and it's not stopping. An Atlantic Cuslom Label