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COMMUNICATIONS Linda Sullivan or Raider! Sully is getting out of jail in June. Write him at John Sullivan no. 2631IL7iPQ_Box_33, TerrHaurtIndSO I need a place to live with my own room with access to a kitchen in the town or country. I have a small dog. Cali Wendy at the Ecology Center 761-3186 during the day. 663-9821 at night. FREE PUPPY Beagle Bassetts. They have their shots and are house trained. Cali Susan at 6686776. SISTER NEEDS ROOM WITH some fine folks. Cali Susan at 668-6776. l'm writingabook about LSD and I want to talk to anyone whose done a lot of it. How it is affecting your heads and attitudes. Cali Mike and leave a message at the S.O.S. at Ypsi. (Phone number page 2 of SUN). RIDE TO ARtZONA OR MEXICO wanted for young couple willing to share expenses; can leave anytime after Oct. 20. Cali Dick at 823-0159 after 6 pm. That's a Detroit number. David Bergman is looking for someone to help him build a 40 ft., 2 3 frequency Goedesic dome in exchange for room and board. He can be reach at 657 Half-way Rd. in Burr Oak, Mich. or by writing to him at Box 33, Burr Oak 49030. THREE FREE PUPPIES! 6 weeks old. They are part Germán Shepherd and part Collie. 2 females, 1 male. Free to a good home. Cali Wanda or Corlotta 769-91 85 or stop at 1 740 Scio Church Rd. MUSICIANS LUDW1G DRUMS, complete set Zjkdian cymbals Hi Hat, extra excellent condition. Good price. Cali 662-9703 between 4-7. WE NEED A DRUMMER for a hard rock group along the lines of jazz music, must have own equipment. Write Marghouse Nursey at Cherry Hill, Ann Arbor. FOR SALE PIN BALL MACHINE-completely reworked, good shape. Cali 662-9203 THE HALFWAY INN-got to be one of the cheapest cateries on campus. Good food and live entertainment at the East Quad with the entrance on Church st. Stop by 7:30-5pm weekdays and 8 pm to 12 pm weekdays. On weekends 8 to 1 am 65 VW WITH NO ENGINE but everything else works. Has 3 good tires, gas heater, under coated, new blades. For $ 1 25 Cal I 76 1 - 1 709 and leave a message for Kathy. TWO PERSON PUT TENT for $10. A Honda CL 1971 for $550. Poll table for $175.00. Cali Bob at 485-2183. HEAD MASTERS SKIS 6'7" and Henke Boots, size 9-9 i. Both for $100 wpoles and bindings. Cali DaveS. at 763-6053. GUITAR LESSONS $3'2 per hour. Variety of styles. Cali 761-8522 and ask for Roger Miller. Have played in many varied musical groups. I would especially like to teach women rock and rolt PRISONER This brother is in need of a woman to correspond with after having been in prison for two years. He has no other friend or relatives and needs a stable contact on the outside world. Wrote! James Williams B 80003, PO Box E Jackson Mich. 49204 Two political prisoners in the penal system would like corresponding with interested people of the outside society. Arlee Mattews 133-719 and Marvin Sharp 124-812, PO Box 57, Marión, Ohio 43302 Two brothers from Lansing would like to hear from any people from any available people. Write to Mike Crossman 125569 or Bob Maser 128515 PO Box 500 lonia Mich. 48846.