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People's Food Co-op Cops New Food Center

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PEOPLE'S FOOD CO-OP Cops New Food Center

The People's Food Co-op, also known as the Grain Co-op, has been reborn. Yes we're back out on the streets at 722 Packard in a grey and white house with a red front door. Best of all, we have windows and more space. We've been operating for about two good weeks now since the whole big changeover from the State St. co-op: Our State St. days ended when we found out we were being evicted because the building was bought by someone else. During our moving hassle, the State government came down on us for some $4,600 in back sales taxes. Sometimes we had collected it but had then spent it to stay open. Anyway for a while it seemed like waking up in the morning triggered bad news but there was no way we could allow ourselves to stop getting good food out to people.  

We distributed from the People's Ballroom for two days before we found a new place, and we really got into it. It created all kinds of energy to be in the middle of all the other People's services at the Community Center. No sooner had we set up there though, than the Packard house fell in our laps. It was perfect. Although nobody admitted it right away, we knew we would take it and so we were back in business.

The Co-op is a food home, a people's store. It is a place where energy can be concentrated on providing information about what is good for our bodies and obtaining whole unprocessed foods to fill that need.

It can also be an alternative structure for learning new ways of working together. Since food is the basic need of everyone, we need to create a structure to insure the co-op's existence regardless of who is involved at a given time. At the same time we want it to be a place where whoever is working feels good working and doesn't feel hassled or oppressed. Now we ain't there yet, but we keep trying new ways of coming together. If you'd like to work with us, and we would like you to join us, come to a worker meeting Sunday at 6 p.m. Also every other Monday starting November 6th we will have a general meeting open to everyone to discuss policy changes and long range plans.

If you are coming in to shop don't forget to bring your own jars (dry ones) for peanut butter and honey and oil. Also remember to do your share of cleaning up. HOURS: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat 11-7 Sun 11-5 Wednesday no sales, cleaning day help out if you can.