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ENJOY YOURSELF AND LET US TAKE CARE OF THE SERVICE No. 4 of Tech Hifi's 10 atisfaction policies - our five year warrant y F W FIVE YEAR WARRANTY FIVE YEAR iJEÍÍíívío'.-ítiívíS Tech Hifi hereby gives its word of honor to the Jlt&'ttvSíííívJ person named below that for five full years from I íiíííííííímííSíiS-aB the date of purchase of the music ystem Usted ■'t ff S- herein, they wül not pay for repairs done at my2ËJS3IImMBgJB Tech Hifi, subject to the exclusions below. 1)8 & _- -Jl - Exclusions S Tech Hifi's warranty does not cover the stylus tiEyCkCk ' a recor pUyer, or the heads in a tape reriaht prÍC6 DJJ corder and it does not cover equipment wbich " ' has been damaged accidentally, violated, or price inclndes Tech Hifi 5 year warranty otherwise misused. It also does not cover equipment which has not been properly regis_. tered with the manufacturer(s). Thank vou Sony . . . 1 for making available the special purchase 6036 receivers which make this great value possible. The 6036 has plenty of features and lots of power to drive the Rectilinear XI speakers we've included in this music system. The XI's feature a ported design-and an unusually large magnet structure for high efficiency. We've completed the system with the BSR 310X tumtable with base, cover and shure cartridge. The reliable BSR will ensure that this system keeps on sounding great for a long, long time. This is the first opportunity we've had to sell this Sony-BSR-Rectilinear system for under a full $120 off list! .._. ,. „ .„,.. QualUy Components at the Rieht Price , 122 E. WASHINGTON Ann Arbor 668-8423