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Question: Do you think HRP can win? Jeff Cochran, Student-I think t's fairly cool but I don't think it'll win thi:; .pring. I Don't T'iink it has enough ,upport. Students seem more apathetic to shit whereas 2 years aqo they weren't. Dan McCormick, freak-l think the HRP s the best chance this town has got to get it's shit together. They have a chance n the elections. l'll put my time and energy nto helping it happen. Peggy Staigner, High School Student-I think HRP can win in the spring but I don't know if t will do any good, they been gettin into bein more elite and less into what the people really really want. I think HRP can win this spring if they get back down to the people Deborah Swanquist, New World Film Co-op- I think HRP s tryhg to represent the people but they don't have a lot of backbone. I think they lost n November because of lack of education in the community. John Roberts, a student- I think the the HRP can win the same offices they won last year but I don't think they can win in a city-wide race. I Think one of the reasons HRP lost in the fall was that the Democrats got pretty radical themselves. So the HRP and the Democrats were going for the same vote and the Republicans won. I think HRP is good but f you get out of the city I don't think you'll get much support. You pretty much gotta concéntrate into a college campus. "WORKS OF LITERATURE AND ART ASIDEOLOGICAL FORMS, ARE PRODUCTS OF THE REFLECTION IN THE HUMAN GRAIN OF THE LIFE OF A GIVEN SOCIETY. REVOLUTIONARY LITERATURE AND ART ARE THE PRODUCTS OF THE REFLECTION OF THE LIFE OF THE PEOPLE IN THE BRAINSOF REVOLUTIONARY WRITERS AND ARTISTS." Mao Tse tung V