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WNRZ 102.9 FM 663-0569 6 10am Mike Green (M-Sat) 10 3pm Peter Steinmetz (M & Sat) Bob Rudnick (Tues-Fri) 3-8pm Bob Rudnick (M)AII Right! Mike O'Brien (Tues-Sat) 8-1am Larry Monroe (Mon-Fri) Jerry Goodwin (Sat) 1-6am Jerry Goodwin (Mon) off air (Tues) Ann Christ (W-Sat) SUNDAY 1-6am Jerry Goodwin noon-3pm Pete Steinmetz 3-7 pm "People's Communications Committee "Takin Over" with OUTRAGEOUS Rock & Roll Radio! andthenGET READY! 7pm-1am "TOKE TIME" with John Sinclair, Dexter Q. Rhythym and the infamous "Toke Team." WABX 99.5 FM 961-8888 MONDAY thru FRIDAY 7-1 1am David Perry 1 1-3pm Dave Dixon (mon-Thurs) Jack Broderick (Fri.) 3-7pm Mark Parenteau (Tues-F) Paul Greiner (M) 7-1 1pm Dennis Frawley 11-3am Dan Carlisle (M-W) Paul Greiner (Th-F) 3-7am Jack Broderick (M-Tues) Dick Thyne (W,T.F) WEEKENDS 7am-noon Jack Broderick noon-5pm Mark Parenteau (Sat) Dave Dixon (Sun) 5-10pm Dan Carlisle 10pm-2am Paul Greiner 2-7am Dick Thyne WRIF 101 FM 354-WRIF Programmed music from the files of ABC New York! Out of Control! WDET 101.9 FM (Detroit) 3 4pm Afternoon Rap (Mon-Fri) 4-6 Gary Barton (Mon-Fri) 7pm Seminar in Black (Mon) 8-9pm Altogether Now - Women's Radio Workshop (Mon) 9pm Jazz Today wBud Spangier TUESDAY 10:30-1 1 : 30am Detroit Listners Digest Total requests 10:30pm DimensiĆ³n wCharles Moore WEDNESDAY 10:30-1 1 :30am Altogether Now-Women's Radio Workshop 6pm El Grito de mi Raza 7pm Indian to Indian 12 midnight Available Space wPhil Mendelson THURSDAY 12:30 Roots of Rock wTed Lucas 6-8pm Jazz Yesterday 11:30pm Band Pass w Stu Witmer FRIDAY 11pm No Small Song wStu Witmer SATURDAY noon-5pm For My People (black affairs) 5-8pm Kaleidophone wKenny Cox midnite rerun of Jazz Today wBud Spangier WCBN 105.5 FM 761-3500 MONDAY - FRIDAY noon-4pm Progressive Rock 4-7pm Folk 7-8pm "Public Service" Shows 8-1 1pm Rhythym & Blues 11pm-3am Progressive Rock SATURDAY noon-4pm Progressive Rock 4-5pm New Releases 5-1 1pm Progressive Rock WNRZ-FM went through yet another shift in management recently when George Sproul replaced Wray Rutledge in the manager's diair. George has been an active resident of Ann Arbor for some time, most recently doing an evening talk show on NRZ called The Meeting, and his appointment to the postion of stationhead is yet another welcome step forward for WNRZ and the community . . .Soon after George got his new iob from the station owner in Chicago the plan was arrived at for the WNRZ COMMUNITY MARATHON' (see opposite page) set to start at 9 p.m. on Monday, January 22nd.