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Who Are Punand Craig?

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    28 years old; from Traverse City, Mich.

 High school dropout '63:attended Lansing Community College '64.

Union organizer, northern Michigan farm workers '65-'66

Joined Trans-Love Energies, multimedia commune/Detroit, '67

Joined staff, Warren-Forest SUN '67

Staff writer, Fifth EstateDetroit '67-68

Spent summer of '68 in Grand Traverse Co. Jail, $20,000 for giving roach to informer, charges later dropped by prosecution.

Co-founder, White Panther Party,1968

Organizer, Ann Arbor's free park concerts '68 and '69

Organizer, 1969 National Underground Media Conference/Ann Arbor

Spent 15 months in Wayne Co. (Detroit) and Kent Co. (Grand Rapids) jails on $100,000 bond on charges of conspiracy to bomb Ann Arbor CIA office, charges dropped by prosecution '69-'7O

Plaintiff in successful suit against Wayne Co. Jail, courts ordered that conditions must improve in WCJ.

Spent nine months in Federal Penitentiary for possession of false draft cards 71-'72

1972 released from Federal Prison, cofounder, Michigan Committee for Prisoners Rights.

Subject of illegal wiretapping by Nixon and Mitchell; principal in landmark Supreme Court decision checking the power of the President to wiretap at will.

Party with John Sinclair and Jack Forrest in $1.2 million suit against U.S Government for illegal wiretapping.

Editorial Board, Ann Arbor SUN, 1972-1972


22 years old; from Dexter, Michigan Senior Class President, Dexter High School, 1968

Attended Washtenaw Community College, '68-70

Joined Rainbow People's Party, 1971

Road manager for the UP, 1970-1971

Active in People's Defense Committee Ann Arbor Tribal Council

Staff, Community Center Project  committee

Manager, Ann Arbor People's Ballroom, a non-profit, community-controlled and operated dance ballroom. 1971-1972

State Manager, Ann Arbor Community Parks Program 1972-1973

Stage Manager, Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz  Festival 1972

Manager, Energy Sound Co. (a division of Rainbow Energies, a Michigan i prof i t Corporation) 1973