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Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

1.  What clubs book live entertainment in the United States?

2.  How and where can I find a reputable manager?

3.  Who are the important booking agents?

4.  Who are the important talent promoters?

5.  Where can I cut a master or demo record in my city?

6.  Where can I contact promoters of rock shows and concerts?

7.  Where can I find a list of all the major record companies in the United States?

8.  Where and how do I contact record producers?

9.  Where and how do I contact the top recording artists?

10.  What label do the top artists record for?

11.  What TV shows will be booking live acts this season?

12.  What hotels or motels are available and cater to the traveling entertainer?


Yes, the answers to these questions and many more are contained in the new 1973 "Official Talent and Booking Directory."  Over 20,000 listings in over 400 pages just crammed full of important data for the professional or aspiring professional.  In these categories:

1.  U.S. Popular Recording Artists

2.  U.S. Personal Managers

3.  U.S. Booking Agents

4.  U.S. Record Companies

5.  U.S. Musical Instrument Manufacturers

6.  U.S. Manufacturer Service Centers

7.  U.S. Sound Companies

8.  U.S. Talent Promoters

9.  U.S. Clubs

10. U.S. Colleges

11. U.S. Radio Stations-Top 40, Progressive Rock, Mor, C&W, R&B

12. The 1972/1972 Market Report Study- The most complete market breakdown for any traveling entertainer covering the major cities in the U.S. with information concerning:

* concert auditoriums, including address, phone

* managers name, capacity

* local promoter contacts

* ticket agencies

* newspapers with entertainment editors

* radio stations by format

* local TV shows

* hotels

* equipment rental facilities

* stage lighting

13. This year for the first time, complete coverage in all the music cities throughout the U. S.-Los Angeles-Nashville-New York-Atlanta-Chicago-Las Vegas

Including:  personal managers, booking agents, clubs, A/FM locals, music dealers, recording studios, studio musicians, contractors, independent record producers, A&R men, record companies, hotels & public relations firms.

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