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Racist Cop Suspended

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Racist Cop Suspended

The same Ann Arbor policeman who beat up Joseph Harrison, a black activist and HRP member who lives at Brightside commune, has just been suspended from the force for allegedly assaulting a black policeman and his wife.

Joe Harrison is suing Brooks and another officer for $5 million for beating Joe, breaking his wrist, while supposedly investigating a noise complaint.

At the time Joe asked that Brooks and the other officer be immediately suspended pending a police investigation because they were dangerous. The police department did nothing, supposedly because Harrison filed suit against the officers.

Now Brooks has been suspended for allegedly beating Mel Roper, a fellow police officer. Roper, off-duty at the time, was trying to subdue a man who was involved in a fight. Someone called the police and Brooks and another officer arrived, saw Roper on top of the other man and approached him from behind. They began beating him viciously with their flashlights while onlookers screamed at them to stop. When Roper turned around and they realized who he was, they stopped.

“When it’s a cop they act, when it’s a citizen they don’t,” explained Joe Harrison. Racism caused the assault on Roper and his being a cop stopped the assault.”

“Police need psychiatric evaluations,” added Joe, “the only evaluation they get right now is on whether they’ll kill.”