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SUN Pays to Prosecute Nark

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While pursuing the criminal prosecution of Burns the SUN has occasion to talk with Linwood Noah, Assistant Senior Prosecutor of Washtenaw County, who, by the way, was a witness to the attack by Burns even though he insists he wasn't.

During the conversation Linwood told the SUN a few interesting facts about W.A.N.T. (Washtenaw Area Narcotics Team).

According to him, W.A.N.T. operates out of a secret apartment in Ypsilanti Township. It includes approximately 10 agents, who are paid about $10,000/year by the state for their undercover work. Burns is #3 man in the outfit and a person named Dean Rye is #2 man. Burns himself does not make buys. He appears to be a coordinator of the outfit's clandestine operations.

When asked why W.A.N.T. agents weren't busting people for heroin Linwood got insulted and said that Sandy Burns, the undercover nark who recently entrapped a sister into LSD sales, had indeed bought heroin on Ann St. But W.A.N.T. had made no heroin arrests recently in Washtenaw County.

When the SUN asked Linwood if he thought putting people in jail stopped so-called "crime," he answered, "Well, they don't have any crime in China, and do you know why?" The SUN asked if perhaps it was because China had a socialist and not a capitalist system. Linwood disagreed, ignorantly insisting, "You only get one chance to make a mistake in China, and then you're dead."

Even Nixon has given up on the Red Scare, but it seems that Linwood was giving us an example of his ideal policy for crime prevention. He excitedly pointed out that some South American countries jail drunk drivers for ten years.

Stay tuned to the SUN for more news on the suit and criminal prosecution against William Burns and more of the inside information on W.A.N.T. Please continue to callĀ us if you've been busted by undercover narks or if you know anything about their operations. The more we know about them the less chances they'll get to bust people.

--Linda Ross