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rVfcmii v&v i n Community Switchboard 621 E. William 663-1111 Answers questions about orgamzations and services, includina a calender of events, ride jnformation. houstng and coops. Counseling Service 1007 E. Huron 764 9466 AH ktnds of counseling including vocational and personal. Free for students. Crisis Walk-in and 24 Hour Phone Service .212 S. Fourth 761-9834 Crisis couseling over the phone and in person. Fee for personal couseling depends on income. Draft Counseling Center 502 E. Huron 761-5470 Military couseling for peopte now serving. Advice on registration and the current draft situation. Drug Help 621 E. William 761-HELP 24-nour crisis service vvith on-call teams to respond in person. Atso provides counseling, and speakers for drug 76-Gu'de Michigan Union 76-GUIDE Information about Umversity bureaucracy and community organizations. Octagon House 219% Washington 662-4587 wide range ot services ror users ot nara arugs, inciuaing counseling, GEO classes, job placement, and a methadone cljnic. Works yvith countv social services. Office of Religious Affairs Michigan Union 764-7442 AM Kinds or counseling, inciuding proDiem pregnancy, marriage, life-styles. Ozone House 621 E. William 769-6540 Specializes in young people's problems, inciuding family counseling, places to crash, runaways. The men and women in red blazers are constantly around watching for runaways, however, preventing complete confidentiality. Birth control counseling for women and men, abortion counseling, birth control clinic for women. Planned Parenthood 313 N. First 663-3306 S.O.S. 114 N. River Ypsilanti 485-3222 24-hour hot-line with on-call teams, individual counseling of all kinds inciuding marriage, family, and drug problems, ref erráis to community organizations. Suicide Prevention Center 212 S. Fourth 761-9834 24-hour crisis line. Part of the Crisis Walk in Center. Not operating at this time, but now being reestablished. Tribal Network 1510 Hill Women's Crisis Center 306 N. División 761-WISE Counsel s women about any kind of problem. Best place to cali if you are raped. Does abortion counseling. Education Children's Community Center see ad on this page Continuing Education for Women 230 Thompson 764-6555 Counseling on jobs. Helps returning to college for women. Creative Arts Workshop 621 E. William 663-1 111 Artist exchange. Classes offered. Part of C4 group. Learning Exchange Guild House 662-5189 Offer to teach. Offer to learn. I nstruction for whoever wants it. Anything possible. Tribal Council Education Coipmittee 1510 Hill 663-4208 Established Children's Community Center. In process of organizing library. Women's Community School 225 E. Liberty 763-4186 Skills for women's survival, from home repair to drawing and painting. Youth Liberation Front 769-1442 Entertainment BARS Blind Pig 208 S. First 769-1849 The Ann Arbor SUN's favorito bar. Beer or wine with bread and cheese. Music in the basement ranges from blues and jazz to classical. Del-Rio 122 W. Washington 761-2350 Flame 115 W. Washington 662-9860 Flick's 114 W.Washington 665-6968 Good blues most any night, but no dancing. Mr. Floods Party 120 W. Liberty 668-9372 Ann Arbor's original hip bar. All kinds of music Pretzel Bell 120 E. Liberty 761-1470 Ye olde college bar. Alumni love it. Primo Show Bar 217 S. Ashley 761-8461 Come boogie to live rock and roll. Big dance floor and hioh energy bands. Benefit every Monday night Rubaiyat 102 S. First 663-2401 Iris Bell and Friends turn out good jams for local sophisticates. Village Bell 1321 S. University 769-1744 And you thought fraternaties were dead? COFFEEHOUSES The Ark 1421 Hill 761-1451 Top notch folk music on weekends. M' 603 E. William Unlisted Wnere mtellectuals and Street people mix over chess and somewhat natural food. Rive Gauche 1024 Hill 764-2547 University's international coffeehouse. FILM Ann Arbor Film Co-op 732 S. División 769-7787 Cinema Guild 102 Architecture „. Building 662-8871 Cmema" 240 Michigan Union Friends of Newsreel 204 S. Fourth New World 761 gg55 UAC-Mediatrics Michigan Union 763-1107 MUSIC Folklore Center 516 E. William 668-9836 Keeping folk music aliva. Rainbow Multi-Media 208 W. Liberty 769-5850 Sponsors of the Blues and Jazz Festival. School of Music North Campus 764-0583 All kinds of free band and choir concerts for those who like more classical music. Daystar WHERE TO CALLPOR WHA1ÍS HAPPENING Community Switchboard 663-1 1 1 1 S.O.S. Ypsilanti 485-3222 University Information 764-1817 Food COOPS Itemized Food Co-op 663-1111 For working a little for the co-op, you can get groceries by item. People's Food Co-op 722 Packard 761-8173 Storefront on Packard has grains, flour, nuts, beans, cheese, oil, peanutbutter. People's Produce Co-op Lincoln St. area 662-6036 Northside School Area 761-9281 Two bags of vegetable for $4.25, cheese 8nd eggs for $1.25. NATURAL FOOD STORES & RESTAURANTS Applerose s. First 769-3040 Natural foods store. Eden's 303 Maynard 761-8134 Natural toods store and restaurant. Watch tor chipati wagon on diag. Indian Summer 315 S. State 761-7918 Mostly orgamc foods at this natural restaurant. i Soybean Cellars 314 E. Liberty 761-8679 Natural foods store and restaurant. Gay Organizations Gay Student Advocates Michigan Union 763-4186 Counseling and information. Liason with gay oroani2ations nad University. Gay Awareness Women's Collective 225 E. Liberty 763-4186 Sponsor projects. Educational and counseling programs Regular meetings Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. Gay Hotline 761-2044 Gay Liberation Front 763-4186 Primarily male group. Sponsor programs, educational sessions. Regular meetings at the Michigan Union. Health Services CLINKS Dental School 1011 N. University 764-1516 All types of dental work, charge only for materials. There is a 10 month waiting list for everything except cleaning. Express Teen Cl inic 313 N. First 662-1121 Birth control and V.D. treatment for men and women under 18. Free, donations requested. Pregnancy test $1. Free People's Clinic 225 E. Liberty 761-8952 General health care. Birth control, V.D. tests, pregnancy tests, abortion counseling, health education. Open MTWTh evenings. Free, donations requested. Health Service (U-M) 207 Fletcher 764-8320 Visit to general medicine clinic or mental health clinic free for students. Wide variety of specialties available for $5-$15. Cheap pharmacy sells some non-prescription items. Model Cities Dental Clinic 704 Spring 761-2176 All kinds of dental work done for fee based on ncome. Ob-Gyn Clinic665-4141 St. Joseph Hospital 326 N. Ingalls Ext. 203 Pelvics done for $2.50, pap smears for $5 more. General obstencs and gynecology including birth control. No I UU s inserted. Planned Parenthood Clinic 313 N. First 663-3306 Birth control counseling, prescriptions and fittings. Abortion counseling. Does not do pregnancy tests. lUD's inserted for $20. Summit Medical 1 704 Spring 769-4445 Summit Medical Center-2 3174 Packard 971-1073 Anyone can use these clinics. Good, cheap general health care. Fee based on ncome. Open MTWTh 9-9, Walk-in Clinic665-4141 St. Joseph Hospital 326 N. Ingalls Ext. 329 Open Mon. through Fri. 6-1 1PM, $10 per visit. COUNSELING &COMPLAINTS Cáncer Information Center 21 5 N. Ashley 668-8857 Will arrange free pap smears. Cali M or F between 9 and 2. iuii i t y %) tforu m Medical Committee for Human Rights 761-8952 Recentlv thown out of the School of Public Health. Works for radical change of U.S. health care system. Medical Mediators 761-5079 Takes complaints about health care delivery and will try to help in hassles with doctors and hospital. Ptanned Parenthood 313 N. First 663-3306 Birth control counseling for women and men. Abortion counseling. Problem Pregnancy 400 S. División 769-7283 Encourages motherhood. Discourages abortions. Provides referral to social service agencies. Set up by anti-abrtion forces and heavtly advertised in youth orientad media, jts primary goal is to talk women out of abortions. We suggest that you cali the Women's Crisis Center instead. Washtenaw County Health Department 4133 Washtenaw 973-1460 Has programs to pay for birth control and V.D. treatment for people who cannot afford treatment otherwise. Housing & Transportation Arm Arbor Student Tenants' Union Activities Bldg.761-1225 Legal advice. Information on tenant's rights. Help with landlord complaints. Building Inspector City Hall 769-7100 Can fine your landlord if he isn't making repairs. Dial-A-Ride 315 W. Huron 663-4292 Twenty-five cent door-to-door bus service. Still only in limitad áreas. Ozone House 621 E. William 769-6540 For people who need a place to crash. Ride Switchboard 621 E. William 663-1111 Call if you need rides, or are offering one. Union Ride Board Michigan Union NF Sign up sheets for rides all over the U.S. University Mediation Board Michigan Union 763-4184 Student's best friend in handling landlord grievances. University Off-Campus Housing SAB 764-7400 Place to check for housing if you're a student. Ypsilant Tenant's Union 487-4100 Information on tenant's rights. Help with landlord complaint. Legal & Defense American Civil Libsrties Union 961-4662 . Legal Selfe Defense (LSD) Ypsilanti 485-3222 Michigan Committee for Prisoners Rights 761-1709 Model Cities Legal Services I22 N. Fourth 663-4195 Moon Bail Bonding Company 2013 Carhart 668-7107 Tax Counseling Service, Project Community 971-9681 Tribal Council Defense Committee 1510 Hill Washtenaw County Legal Aid 209 E. Washington 665-6181 Washtenaw County Legal Aid (U of M) Michigan Union 665-6146 Media BOOKS Circle Bookstore 215 S. State 769-1583 Occult books, from astrology and tarot to E.S.P. and Zen. Curious Used Bookstore, Too 340 S. State 761-01 12 Old comic books and used science fiction specialty. New Morning Bookstore 124 E. Washington 761-7993 Readings on revolution, the New Left. University Cellars Michigan Union 769-7940 Wide selection, good browsing. Studentrun bookstore. NEWSPAPERS Ann Arbor SUN 208 S. First 761-7148 Her-Self 225 E. Liberty 663-1285 Monthly feminist newspaper. Weekly meetings Mondays, 8 p.m. Michigan Daily (sub.) 420 Maynard 764-0558 University studentrun daily. New Morning 124 E. Washington 761-7981 The New Morning collective's monthly SMOKE Ann Arbor's newest underground, an anarchist monthly. RADIO WCBN-AM Student Activities Building 763-3500 Studentrun station heard only in dorms. WCBN-FM Student Activities Building 761-3500 WNRZ RECORDS Discount Records 1235 S. University 668-9688 Discount Records 300 S. State 665-3679 World Headquarters 330 Maynard University Cellars Michigan Union 769-7940 TELEVISIÓN Media Access Center 204 S. Fourth 761-7647 Community group made up of local organtzations who plan to do programming for Cabla Access Channel E. Wide ranga of video equipmant available for community groupt in Washtenaw County. Polhkal Porties Democrats 225 E. Liberty 665-6529 Ann Arbor's older liberal party. Human Rights Party 516 E. William 761-6650 Progressive third party of Councilpeople Jerry DeGrieck and Nancy Weschlar. Republicans 2255 S. Industral662 2721 The place to send complaint about evarything f rom tha rfcpeal of the $5 fine law to Watergate. Resources Ecology Center 417 Detroit 761-3186 Sponsors educational programs on ecology. Operates recycling canter, various other projects. ENACT Nat. Sci. Bldg. The student ecology organization. Regular weekly meeting. PIRGIM 662-6597 Michigan basad consumer advocate program basad on Nader's Raiders. Does weekly surveys on food store pricos in A2 área. Regular weekly meetings. Recycling Center 1965 S. Industrial 761-7263 Place to take newspapers and glass for recycling. Social Services Michigan Employment Security Commission 301 Maple Village761-9050 Register with job placement. Collect unemployment here. Dept. of Social Services 120Catherine 769-8700 Place to go for food stamps, ADC, other welfare programs. Spiritual Art Worlds ( Astrology, hatha yoga, ESP) 668-6244 Creative Arts Yoga Newman Ctr. 663-1 1 1 1 Integral Yoga Institute 761-0432 Students Internation Meditation Society 761-8255 Suf i dancing and yoga 434-41 29 Zen House 665-0275 ThirdHbHd&Minority American Indian Movement 761-2924 Black Advocate (U of M) 763-4188 340 Michigan Union Chicano Advocate Michigan Union 763-4188 Human Rights Department City Hall 761-2400 ex 401 Native American Advocate 763-4185 763-4185 Native American Student Association 769-8357 2538 S. A. B. Tr otter House 1443 Washtenaw 763-4692 Wbmeris Organizations Continuing Education for Women 230 Thompson 764-6555 Carrer counseling. Financial assistance for women returning to college. Sponsors luncheon discussions on topics of interest to women. Feminist House 225 E. Liberty 763-4186 Co-ordinating body for all groups listad at 225 E. Liberty except HerSelf. Steering committee holds regular meetings. Sponsors Friday night discussion hours. Puts out monthly newsletter. Gay Awareness Women's Collective 225 E. Liberty 763-4186 Lesbians working together. Sponsor various projects. Oo counseling, educational programs. Weekly meetings Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. Gay Women's Advocate 333 Mich. Union 763-4186 Counseling. Information on gay women's activities. University spokeswoman for gay women's rights. HerSelf 225 E. Liberty 663-1285 Monthly newspaper on feminist topics. Weekly meetings Mondays at 8 p.m. . Women's Advocate 333-2 Mich. Union 763-4186 Counseling, information on women's activities. Helps with complaints against University bureaucracy, discriminaron. Liason between women's groups in community and University. Helps with organization of new women's groups. Women's Community School 225 E. Liberty 763-4186 Skills for women's survival. Free classes front auto mechantes to dance. Women's Crisis Center 306 N. División 761-WISE Counseling and information on all subjects. Abortion and contraceptivo counseling. Referral to nonchauvinist medical services. Study group on rape. Rape victims will find them more helpful than pólice.