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Sound too good to be true? It's very simple. A year's subscription to the Ann Arbor New, that champion of drippy mediocrity, costs $36. By cancelling your sub or refusing to renew for this year you save all that bread, and you can simply add your name to the Michigan Republican Party Log, which is free, and which gives you the same information, minus a robbery or two. A year's subscription to the Michigan Daily, that stalwart of sophomoric semi-literacy, wastes another 1 5 hard-earned though increasingly meaningless bucks. So hang on to 'em, and occasionally browse through the day-old Detroit News sports pages, where you 'II find the same sterling prose and unerring wit. In return, an investment of $5 for a year of the all-new, cosmically-directed, spiffed-up Ann Arbor Sun, the dean of reasoned journalism in Washtenaw County, will bring a paperperson on a unicycle to your door every two weeks with the latest hot poop of the community. And to the first 75 subscribers, a copy of the killer album, Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972, will be included, free of charge. And you save $46, or two lids, or 14 albums, or two pounds of beef. How can you miss? Be the first on your block. As P.T. Barnum said, "A penny saved is worth two in the bush."

Free 1972 Blues & Jazz Festival Album to the 1st 75 subscribers to HOME DELIVERY.

Offer good in Ann Arbor & Eastern Michigan University Dorms.

Send me a free 1972 Blues & Jazz Festival Album. Enclosed is $6.50 for Home Delivery




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