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You Too Can Sue Nixon

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}áSB ( ff A , Wf TOlirrjiy A WPl hTÉIB For a mere 8 cent stamp, you can join tSlïT f'-mê ü'! rafl SFa national suit to get Nixon out of office l " LA Wrn ír' Mí IIJwlS and even act against Nixon's move to apL v )A25krll ry jkÖJ point his own successor to follow in his xJdr VV F M tarn'shd footsteps. ■r . Ti k! ' m Whlle Con9ress dra9s its feet on im" Y l TTTViyO iim rtjf Z m. peachment and seems certain to confirm SsxsAjSf"' wítlJ- ÍBt Ford's nomination to the vice presidency, Jgrir v " SWJB, tne National Lawyers Guild is taking N f ' lHír positive action. It is filing a suit to have k "}L■ JvWSFtífJ the 1972 elections set aside, due to the L JioCr bSWRt' fraudulent means by which Nixon was k il W" reelected. A T)B IB py _ . Your support can bring about a k Va. l people's victory. To add your name to the fy M 'jVrwb j B M yiowing list of plaintiffs, fill out the ' V -JÊM Mm coupon and mail to: d2ÈWJwW M m COMMITTEETO SET ASIDE ■ gÊ W&Z X M THE 1972 ELECTIOM M JL#? J A 156 Fifth Ave. Room 634 9lj ■ New York City, N.Y. 10014 21 Telephone (212) 741-3930 ,- - - _____ - ____ - - _- - ' I wanl ii lc ;i phiintiff. Authorízarion t Legal (Omisel: ; I hereby authorie the Committee to Sel .uk the 1972 Election tu ad ; ■ on my belall b) doing all things necessary üi desira ble to carrj (hrough ilus ; ' M ui nu likliiiu retaining atlorneys and recciving any and all no tices. Thisauthor nnection with this suit. I undeistand ilie Conimi ; i iimbursement. ; Signature ol Plaintiff j I 1 ' ion for the lawsuit. Contribulion enclosed. : ,., .__ I . v : I o yip