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I Close your eyes, unlock your mind, and imagine sound so real it's almost three dimensional: syncopating snares, gyrating guitars, crashing symbals, and the other sweet sounds of a "live" performance. Then open your eyes, ears, and mind to the dynamic speakers that bring it all home... the BOSE 901 and 501 SERIES II DirectReflecting Speaker Systems. If you're seeking spatial realism, a sense of presence,and crisp definition of instrumental timbre - without the traditional "hole-inthe-middle" effect - we invite you to compare the BOSE 901 SEA RÍES II to any conventional speaker regardless of size or price. and W the BOSE 501 SERIES II to any speaker up to the price of the 901 W SERIES II. Experience the BOSE 901 and 501 SERIES II today and let Jm visions of "whatever-turns-you-on" dance in your head. HI-FI BUYS I 618 S.Main 1 J 769-4700 WË