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Moon in Leo then Virgo 2:42 am


Blind Pig-James Walker & Erwin $.75

Flood's-Tate Blues Band $.75

King Pleasure-Doc Watson $3.50

Primo Showbar- Brooklyn Blues Busters $1.50

Ark-Golden Ring $2.50


New World Media-"Work" & "Wilmington"

East Quad Aud. 8pm

Cinema II-"Paths of Glory", Angell Hall

Aud. A 7 & 9pm $1.00

Cinema Guild- "Three Penny Opera" Arch.

Aud. 7 & 9:05, $1.00

Friends of Newsreel- "What's Up Doc"

State-"Magnum Force" Call 665-6290 for more info

Michigan-" Jimi Hendrix" Call 662-6264

Fox Village-"Papillon" , 6:30 &9:30 pm

Adults $2.00 Children $.75


Channel 56 6:30pm-Course of Our Times "Cardenas and the Mexican Middle Way"


GLF Dance in Women's Athletic Building disc jockey playing records


Moon in Virgo


Blind Pig-James Walker &Erwin Helper $.75

Flood's-Tate Blues Band $1 .00

King Pleasure-Doc Watson $3.50 Primo Brooklyn Blues Busters $1.50 Ark-Golden Ring $2.50 MOVIES Cinema II-" Lolita" 7 &9:30 pm, Angelí Hall Aud. A $1.00 Cinema Guild-"Night At the Qpera" 7. 8:30 & 10:15, Arch. Aud. $1.00 Friends of Newsreel-"What's Up Doc" State-"Magnum Forcé" Cali 665-6290 for more info Michigan-" Jimi Hendrix" Cali 662-6264 for more info Fox Village-"Papillon" 2:15, 5:15 &8:30 pm Adults S2.00 Children $.75 Channel 56 lOpm- Family Album. Series of Four fliographical Films EVENTS Native American Pow Wow, League Ballroom 1 pm to Midnight SUNDAY, JANUARY 13 Moon in Virgo then Libra 5:23 am MUSIC Blind Pig-Silk Purse $.50 Flood's-(afternooh) Blue Blass & Terry Tate $.75 Flood's-(night) solo Primo Showbar-Benefit for ASUN, CJQ & &the Vipers$1.00 MOVIES Cinema II- "Dr. Strangelove" Angelí Hall Aud. A7&9 $1.00 Cinema Guild- "Diary of a Shinjuku Burglar" Arch Aud 7 & 9:05 $1.00 State- Magnum Forcé" Michigan- "Jimi Hendrix" Fox Village-"Papillon" TV Channel 56 8 :30pm- Performance Jazz "The Larry Woodridge Trio" EVENTS Native American Pow Wow, League Ballroom lpm to 5pm MONDA Y, JANUARY 14 Moon n Libra MUSIC Flood's- John Nicholas & Leona Primo Showbar-Radio King & His Court ofRhythm SI. 00 MOVIES State- "Magnum Forcé Michigan-"Jimi Hendrix" Fox Village-"Papillon" 8pm TV Channel 56 8pm The Killers "Pulmonary Disease, The Hidden Enemy TUESDAY, JANUARY 15 Mbon in Libra then Scorpio 1 1 :50 pm . MUSIC Blind Pig-Muskadine $.75 Flood's-John Nicholas & Friends $.75 Primo Showbar-Rockets $1 .00 MOVIES Cinema GuiM-"Early Short Films" 7 & 9:05pm Arch. Aud. $1.00 A2 Film Coop-"Little Big Man" Angelí Hall Aud. A 7 & 9:30pm SI .00 State-"Magnum Forcé" Michigan-" Jimi Hendrix" Fox Papillon 8pm Channel 56 6pm- "So Uttle Time? Animal Life conservation with specific recommendations Channel 56 lOpm- Detroit Black Journal EVENTS 'y Lettuce Boycott to plan strategy for coming year and picketers orientation Anderson D Room in Mich. Union 7:30 for further info cali 763-0285 or David Super 769-1 326 WEDNESDAY. JANUARY 16 Moon in Scorpio MUSIC Blind Pig-Robert Jr. Lockwood $2.00 Flood's-BlueBlazesS.75 Primo Showbar-Law SI. 00 Ark- Hoo tena nny $.50 MOVIES Cinema Guild-"Early Short Films" Arch. Aud. 7 & 9:05 SI .00 A2 Film Coop-"Little Big Man" Angelí Hall Aud. A7&9:30SI.UO State-"Magnum Foree" Michigan -"Jimi Hendrix" Fox "Papillon" THURSDAY, JANUARY 17 Moon in Scorpio then Sagitarius 10: 1 3pm MUSIC Blind Pig-"Robert Jr. Lockwood" S2.00 Flood's-Tate Blues Band S.75 Primo Showbar-Law $1.00 King Pleasure- Dizzy Gillespie MOVIES Cinema Guild-"The Big Broadcast of 1932" and "Cabin in the Sky" 7 & 9:05 respeciii . ■ ■ ii tively. Both $1 .50 Arch. Aud. A2 Film Coop-"Battle of Algiers" 7 & 9 Angelí Hall Aud. A SI. 00 State- "Magnum Force" Michigan- "Jimi Hendrix" Fox Village- "Papillon" EVENTS FISTS(Feminists In Struggle Together) first meeting; organized to deal with feminist and anti-imperialist question. 7:30 at Newman Center, 331 Thompson. For more info cali Kathy at 764-2621 Transcendental Meditation, lst introductory lecture as taught by Maharishi MaheshYogi Aud. C Angelí Hall, 8pm, free FRIDAY, JANUARY 18 Moon in Sagitarias MUSIC Blind Pig-Robert Jr. Lockwood 2 shows, 8:30&ll,$2.50 Flood's- Vipers $.75 King Pleasure- Dizzy Gillespie Primo Showbar- Muskadine SI. 50 Ark-Patrick Sky S2.50 MOVIES New World Media- "Finally Got the News" E. Quad Aud., 8pm Cinema II - "Witness for the Prosecntion" Aud. A Angelí Hall, 7 & 9, $ 1 .00 Cinema Guild- "The Quiet Man" Arch Aud. 7& 9:05. $1.00 State-"Magnum Forcé" Michigan-"Laughing Policeman" Fox VÜlage-"Papillon", 6:30 & 9:30 pm TV Channel 56 6:30pm-Course of Our Times "The Soviet Union after Khrushev" SATURDAY, JANUARY 19 Moon in Sagitarius MUSIC Blind Muskadine S.75 Flood's-Vipers SI .00 King Pleasure-Dizzy Gillespie Primo Uprising SI .50 Ark -Patrick Sky S2.5O Movres Cinema II-"The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"7 &9:45, Angelí Hall Aud. A SI. 00 Cinema Guüd-"The 7th Seal" Arch. Aud. 7, 8:30 & 10:15,51.00 State-"Magnum Force" Michigan "La ughing Policeman" Fox Vülage-"Papillon' 2:15,5:15. &8:30 SUNDAY, JANUARY 20 Moon in Sagitarius then Capricorn 10:48am MUSIC Blind Pig-Silk Purse (classical) $.50 Flood's (night)-Solo Primo Showbar-People's Ballroom Benefit, bands to be announced, $1 .00 Ark-Patrick Sky $2.50 MOVIES Cinema Il-"Singing In the Rain" Angelí Hall Aud. A, 7&9pm, S1.00 Cinema Guild- "Vampyr" Arch. Aud. 7 & 9:05, $1.00 State-"Magnum Force" Michigan-"Laughing Policeman" Fox VUIage- "Papillon" TV Channel 56 8:30pm-Performance: Ja. "Errol Robinson" EVENTS Seals & Croft concert at Crisler Arena. See ad on page 22 for details MONDAY, JANUARY 21 Moon in Capricorn MUSIC Primo Showbar -Radio King & His Court of Rhythm, $1.00 MOVIES Cinema "Birth of a Nation" Arch. Aud., $1.00 State- "Magnum Force" Michigan- "Laughing Policeman" Fox Village -"Papillon", 8pm TV Channel 56 6pm- "Adam and Darlene" The concept of prepared natural childbirth isexamined. Channel 56 7pm- "Para Mi Pueblo", Series focuses on problems of concern to Latins in Detroit. Channel 56 7:30pm-"The Arts and Crafts of China" Channel 56 8pm-"Parole" Channel 56 9pm- "Four Gray Walls" A documentary on prison reform. TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 Moon in Capricorn then Aquarius 1 1 :50pm MUSIC Blind Pig The Vipers $.75 Flood's-John Nicholas & Friends $.75 Primo Showbar -Lightnin' $1.00 MOVIES Cinema "Way Down East" Arch. Aud., 6:30pm, S1.00 State -"Magnuái Force" "Laughing Policeman" Fox Village- "Papillon" TV Channel 56 7pm- "Regional Citizens" A close look at the metropolitan Detroit región and citizens. THURSDAY. JANUARY 24 Moon in Aquarius MUSIC Blind John Nicholas, $.75 Flood's-Tate Blues Band $.75 King Pleasure-Grover Washington Primo Showbar-Bob Seger $3.00 MOVIES Cinema Guild-"Testament of Dr. Mabusc" and "Judex". 7 & 9:05 respectively, both for $1.50 A2 Film Coop -"Shane" Angelí Hall, Aud. A. 7 & 9pm, SI .00 State "Magnum Force" "Laughing Policeman" FoxVillage"-"Papillon" TV Channel 56 8pm-The Advocates "Should Congress Creat a Federal OU and Gas Corporation to Compete With Private Industry" For the calendar to better serve the community we need your help. If you know of any significant events, music, movies, and or T.V. programs, cali 76 1-7 148 and ask for Woody; if l'm not here leave a note with the event and your phone number and ril get in touch.