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Well this week as we go to the printer the entire Cabtnet of South Vietnam has resigned, the Pentagon was just caught stealing Henry Kissinger's papers, John Mitchell and Maurice Stans are on trial, and the White House has narrowly avoided a helicopter attack by one of its own soidiers. Phew! We'd iike to start off by thanking the 6,813 people who signed the Stop McDonald's petition and all those who contributed to the Flak the Big Mac drive. Not surprisingly, the bankers on City Council have given their consent to the marching arches which should be appearing on Maynard Street shortly, albeit in slightly modified forrn with trees saved. To those disappointed with the faüure of the petition drive to stop the joint, we can only point out that one year ago Gino's slipped by everybody without as much as murmur. The more webuildinter-community communications, the more power we'll have to stop such disasters in the future. Of course the Ann Arbor News is doing its best to block such information exchange. The Republican-dominated News buried word of the petition drive in the last three paragraphs of a story designed to whitewash the McDonald's "Taj Mahal" site plan, while giving featured, headlined top of the third page coverage to a petition drive to support McDonald's with only 350 signatures. We thought the News only editorialized in its editorials. Turning tomoreinspiring matters - film fans, art afficionados and local boosters! A highlight of the Winter Season is upon us! March 12-17 is the 12th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival. "Worid's Largest Festival of Independent Films." 6 hours of screenings - all different films -- will be shown nightly at the Architecture Auditorium on TuesdayFriday, with Saturday shows at 1 , 7 and 9prn, and winners screening on Sunday at 7, 9 and i lpm. The Auditorium is over on Tappan and Monroe Streets. Tickets are dirt cheap -Si per screening - but they sell fast. Festival organizers tipped us off on the best way of getting tickets. Line up at 5:30 at the Architecture Auditorium. Tickets go on sale at 6, and there are usuaüy tickets for the third show at 1 1 pm. This event is almost too much of a rage, or so t seems from trying tó get in. Speaking of films, for a different viewpoint on "The Exorcist" see Ellen Frank's movie review in this issue. March 9 is International Women's Day. April 1 st is the day Ann Arbor residents have a chance to re-enact S5 weed and implement rent control. And now it turns out that Ypsilanti voters wil! get a crack at S5 herb as well. The Human Rights Party of Ypsilanti has fathered enough signatures to put the proposal on the Ypsilanti ballot. While the Ann Arbor proposal has an excellent chance of passing, the Ypsi proposal probably won't fare as well. Ypsi voters recently adopted a stiff and ridiculous "anti-obscenity" ordinance. ATTENTION MUSIC LOVERS! Koko Taylor will be appearing at the Blind Pig March 14-16. There WILL be another Blues & Jazz Festival. Earth Wind and Fire and Weather Report play Bowen Fietd House Maren 3. Elvin Jones reopens the Strata Concert Gallery in Detroit February 22-24, for info cali 831-1666. Fhe Rockets have re-joined non-profit Rainbow Multi-Media. Radio King & his Court of Rhythm are about to head off to the Big Apple. We didn't have space to review it, but Sid Blair with VISIONS played at Pioneer High last Feb. 9 and it was worth checking out. VISIONS is a big swingin free jazz band which includes members of OKRA and CJQ. If you want to hear new electric jazz don't miss this band when they play next. The Free People s Clinic is now open on Saturdays from 1 lam. This clinic session is primarily for women with gynecological problems: birth control, pregnancy, abortion referral. A gynecologist is on the staff and will be present. The C-4 Matrix iibrary people are looking to reopen their resource by the end of February. Contributions of books, back issues, bibliographies, ideas, money etc. will be greatly appreciated. Send all publications to Bob Jaffe, C-4 Community Center, 621 E. Williams St. And around the corner, the Huron Towers skyscraper disaster is offering a large cash money prize for the best design for their solid sidewall. For more info, visit their office in the Tower. Also in the neighborhood, State Representative Perry Bullard has opened a Constituent Office at 225 E. Liberty, phone 665,6777. The office will be open Monday through Saturday from 1 f-5. Detroit's Mayor Coleman Young pulled some interesting moves recently. First of all, he delivered on a campaign promise to abolish the murderous STRESS pólice unit. And then Coleman declared a goal of 50% black representation in the pólice department by 1977. Meanwhile, the University of Michigan has only reached 7% black enrollment, in violation of the Black Action Movetnent agreement. Here it is folks, the 1 974 Free Telephone Cali Code. After all, mass communications should be free. To keep them that way, the Technological American Party (TAP) has issued this infonnation. Pointing out that calis are best made in rushed, business-like voice, and should be limited to 1 5 minutes so that the caller cannot be traced, TAP also mentions that users of the code should cali only froni phone booths. According to TAP, the letter code is "1-N, 2-X, 3-Z, 4-A, 5-G, 6-S, 7-Q, 8-F, 9-U, and 0-J." "To use this code, add the city code and then the code letter to the phone number of a corporation. The letter is determined by the 5th digit of the phone number. For exampie: Litton Industries m Los Angeles phone number is 273-7860. The code for Los Angeles (NOT the area code) is 184 and the 5th digit is 8. So, the credit card number is 273-7860-1 84-F." TAP adds that other city codes are: New York - 01 2, Chicago - 097, Washington, D.C. - 032, and Detroit - 083. Hypothetically speaking, to use this code to make a long distance cali you would dial direct -"O" and then the number you're calling. When the operator comes on, you would say (usingan actual number): Credit Card no: xxx-xxxx-yyy-z. Try to know the company name, area code and city. TAP advised. If the operator asks anything besides the number of the phone booth you're calling from. she is probably suspicious. You should hang up and try again from another booth. Be careful what you say the operator sometimes listens in during the first few secpnds. If the phone company asks about credit card calis made to your phone. say you don't know anything about it, thai it must have been for someone else, but don't talk further.' "Be friendly, but stupid," says TAP. for more inf'ormation. contact TAP. Room 504, 152 W. 42nd St„ NYC 10036. Thanks to LNS for this hot poop. Now that that's out of the way, we turn to the Ypsilanti International Festival, sta'rting on Feb. 28 and continuing every Thursday nite from now on. The 5 flags Festival Committee invites you to come out and experience Ypsilanti and the flavours of the Greek, Italian, AmeircanGermán and English words, with a little entertainment on the side. Members of the 5 flags Committee are Habbs. Cusa Nova, Huron Lounge, Nicki's place, the Olive Tree, the, Pub and the Spaghetti Bender. We close once again with the State of the SUN. Special thanks to Kramer's Kreemers & Uprising for playing our benefit at the Primo, Feb. 19, which netted SI 50 towards our print cost this issue. Thanks again to those folks who leut us $75 for coinboxes. There are now 5 such vending boxes on the street, at State and N.U., the Engineering Arch on S.U., at Liberty and Main, by Alice Lloyd Hall. and across the street from the museum of Natural Sciences. We'll be back March 8 with a new issue. See youthen.