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Song Of Praise

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Sing the song then, let it sound . through the land. The song that now keeps us alive, when the other noise is there to kill us, to Jeaden our ears to the song of our selves that these Musieians sing. Let the force of it make its way into our hearts in the last days of this era this error toherless human men have made of our time. The time is now, that we can make a true song of our selves, a music that will open all our I's to each other. Let such a man as Jimmy Garrison be your base, you can build on a music strong as his & make your time as free as Elvin's, your pulse as McCoy's, your song as pure as John's, sing a song as strong as theirs, a song of praise for our lives & for the love of all of our selves-a song to lead us on in this cold December of a long & murderous year