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Sun-seller's Testimonial:

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[ITREALlYMMS! _fl '%&'■'■ tÈ&i fl :'_M JH B fÉiBpüitóB i ■ ______ 9 ÜkaÉ.v ______ ÜiL h ■ ijJü ■' 'l HEI Jï LJ 11111111 ! ■' VÈ_ Byfiryl siSM Ëlil___jÉÉLf ? _____________& m mê Tm v BéT IBv JÉÍÉ ëb GREG FOX: "When the SUN first comes out WAYNE INDYK: "I have lots of fun selling the LIZ COLEMAN: "I sell the SUN because it V onevery other Friday I cansell about 100 SUN. I meet friends and make friends. By gets me out of the house and out making ; in an hour. Besides making S 1 0 an hour, I selling SUNs 1 help my friends and they help mischief on the streetsü" '. meet a lot of friends and have a lot of fun." by giving me some extra spending money." ' H SUN hhre!! J JE B ■' W&ÊÈ EJBl m JËt wk 1 ii OéI] ' SH IA Jnfftlt lm Wm !; JEANNE HING: "I sell the SUN because it is a lFl Washtenaw RONALD McCOLBURN: "lts true, you can '; good newspaper. Ann Arbor is in dire need of ( f N :i; - make money selling the SUN - 1 tried it my',[ a very strong and positive "alternative press" self and made S4 in an hour! Some people i; to bring people of this community together. Ij ) even give you a quarter, and if you run fast V Often, I give SUNs away free to those who 1] enough you can keep the change! But I .; dont have the ' 5 cents. n hopes that even fe 1 make a lot more money pushing shit hamï more people will become aware that it is a fel burgers.' !_ per well worth reading." rak ' The SUN comes out every other Friday afternoon, and SUN sellers can piek them up at 208 S. First SUupstairs from the Blind ' ■ Pig) Or, contact Pun Plamondon at 761-7148. Sellers keep a dime for every paper they sell, and return the rest. Front money SUBSCRIBE and get a hNbui f) I live in Ann Arbor. Sign me up for home delivery for S6.S0year, and send me You can have your choice of any of the following albums absolutely a free album. Í. FREE! with a regular or home-delivery subscription to the SUN. $ I live outside Ann Arbor. Sign me up for a subscription through the mails and L send me a free album for S5.00year 'Í SPECTRUM - Billy Cobham - New Atlantic lp by the drummer for please wite in your first and second choices on these Ips... ;l the Mahavishnu Orchestra. Spectrum Blues and Jazz Impulsively! J IMPULSIVELY! - a two record sampler lp taken from the new Impulse Name ; jazz releases and featuring short cuts by master jazz musicians like John 'J Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, Keith Jarret, Gato Barbieri, and Address fyrú many more. " :':-3_ CitV State Wk ANN ARBOR BLUES AND JAZZ FESTIVAL - a two record set on ; lP ;.::::_L Atlantic featuring highlights from the 1972 Festival. Send to: Ann Arbor SUN L___) 208 S. First St. " Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108