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G.O.P. Record

It is not true that all Democrats and Republicans are alike - it's not even true that all Republicans are alike. When faced with the row of blank faces ranged along the GOP ranks in the Council chambers, it is often difficult to pinpoint the differences. Once a vote is taken, it seems convincing that the Repubs are just a row of automatons, all plugged into one master computer.
The Republican candidates running for Council seats this year tend to get lumped together, and many of their lines are the same:

1) No $5 weed fine (also heard as "keep the dope smokers out of the city.")
2)No rent control ("landlords deserve whatever profits they can squeeze out because that's how free enterprise works.")
3)Fiscal responsibility ("look at the mess the Dems and HRP got us into - let's cut back social services to balance the budget and buy more police cars.")
4)Planned growth for the city (read that "more Burger Kings and McDonalds in someone else's neighborhood.")

But despite initial impressions, the Republican candidates are a mixed lot, ranging from right-winger Roger Bertoia - Third ward -- to the Republican "left" with Joyce Hannum - First ward. And let us not forget our coverboy Clyde Colburn, who somehow manages to avoid letting anyone know exactly where he stands.
We didn't bother to ask the Republicans for candidate statements, since it seemed unlikely any SUN readers would be interested (except for maybe a few landlords who we hear have taken a sudden interest in this paper since we began running rent control covers). Besides, they can afford ten times more advertising than any other party in the city, and we have no desire to give them free space for their hype.

Note: The Democratic candidates in the Third and Fifth wards were invited by the SUN to submit candidate statements, but failed to do so by our press deadline.