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STORE OWNERS! HELP KEEP ANN ARBOR (&Your Store) BEAUTIFUL! with Community Billboards from the People's Communications Committee

STORE OWNERS. You can make the poster and masking tape mess around your place disappear just by ordering a COMMUNITY BILLBOARD from the People's Communications Committee. Ann Arbor carpenters will build bulletin boards the size you want, paint them the color of your choice, and put them up on your store. Flyer distributors employed by the Rainbow Agency and working with the P.C.C, will keep your board clean, neat and up-to-date and will make sure all flyers put up on your store are placed only on your COMMUNITY BILLBOARD. Sizes available include; 4 ft x 2 ft-$30.00 4 ft x 3 ft-$35.00 4 ft x 4 ft-$35.OO 4 ft x 6 ft-$35.OO 4 ft x 8 ft-$45.00 Made of sturdy, permanent, 58 inch particle board, COMMUNITY BILLBOARDS can be trimmed to duplicate your store's decor and identified with your store's name for only a small extra charge. Call Frank Bach, 761-7148.