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yfySK & InfOffTIQtion yí'MmmmK % CornfïïuniGOtion S' Ks'fflJm.;lmmmFlmmmm ''ffifryN IF YOU RE TIRED OF THAT MASK1NG TAPE AND PAPER MESS AROUND TOWN lY7Ht-t-r-4i (AND AROUND YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS.TOO!) WA%mm wBÊPsUA.) Y0LJ CAN L)0 S0METH1NG ABOlJT IT NOVV!! F ' ' XsAómwïïfr gtfftff ■ IALIiIctIPP ef "VjF M''y The People's Commuiucations Committee is a group of people who are interested in mar 1 ifftf ?OTUlW'nWy s vJr king information easily accessible to people in this area while at the same time eliminating f VÏwÈSwiu Visti fas Z2-Jnr OEJ 1 the uns'ght'y mess usually associated with flyer and leaflet posting in Ann Arbor and Ypsi[ p ,r Hv w ' T&yYjffmlftL fk] 1 The PCC can supply - at a minimum cost to you - a beautiful permanent bulletin board 1 7 y I i"T" ji yM' Tfat i, ■fK Ijl ffll..r 1 - sfïL t'lat w'" so've le Prblem of masking tape and paper around your store or place of busiV i . ,',' j ; ,. ' jxJ[{ ' ",% nti i (Mam I ness' Community Billboards can be ordered in any size, any style, and any color and will I W !rJs=jlB 1 ) JLMl'iEaiJea;'ímÍMk he mounted where you want it - and kept clean, neat and up-to-date by people who reguf fr Ü 1 jf-l }Ti iirupfwMit ' "MilÊflM'vÊL 'ar'y Post yers an(l posters in the AAYpsi area. i1 ,! ■ , . . '' rggL fyJyPry "" I líMJÍwfy. Available at this time are specially low-priced Community Billboards made according to I J-o ' 1S I ÏBpSox'd yf&riïclrnnL M 1(b a des'8n fnat 's attractively simple and will match just about any decor or style of architecI .'i i '■ i ' ■ rs3SlCr.l Vm fUrvtr ifcfp Standard sizes include: 1 Vr7 lElN t?i '(-sïVPWÉr Ji. 4 ft. x 2 ft. $30.00 4 ft. x 6 ft. $40.00 ' 77? 3r vTn lLlL' AuiuJiüiijJf 4 ft. x 3 ft. $35.00 4 ft. x 4 ft. $40.00 'V 5í O J-Sgi pf '?TM V10 6 ft. x 3 ft. $35.00 4 ft. x 8 ft. $45.00 y igffFJ !e'f-! 1 1 Qil ' j Boards are made with sturdy 58" partiële board. Prices include construction, weather ' 7 i ■ C-STl I fl j s- proofing, painting (the color of your choice), and mounting. A sign identifying your ' ] ' LJi 30rr' A' ilf Jj. Community Billboard with your business and trim to duplícate your building decor can m )t7{Ii1 ' ii be added for only a small extra charge. ir ' ' ' ! ; ' ' ' ' ' V V When you get your Community Billboard it will be regularly maintained by people I -mafcp1 VvJl m8 w'tn tne PeoP'es Communications Committee - anything wrongly posted on your .W ■ '-" r building will be neatly placed on your board. You'll never have to worry about flyers or f- - w .■■Xl ïi&ÉÊS posters again! 9 - --r FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO ORDER A COMMUNITY &A ■ . --J BULLETIN BOARD CALL FRANK BACH AT 761-7148.