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I MAY 17 I Moon in Pisces then Aries 4:20 am I MUSIC ♦Blind Basebal Bill, $1.00 : wd's-Muskadine Blues Band. SI. 00 'Michigan Palace New Vork üolls Suds Fai-tory (Ypsi) Easy, SI. 00 "Underground Ypsi)-Riiey, $1.00 MOVIES 'Cinema Guiki"Such a Gorgeous Kid Like Me", Arch. Aud.. 7:30 & 9:30 pm, SI 50 Cinema H-"Z", Angelí Hall, Aud. A,?:30 & 9:45 pm, $1.25 TV Chamiei 7 11 -.30 pm-"Elton John and Bernie Taupin Say Goodbye Norma Jcan and Other Things." "Channel l am-Rock Concert. Guests are The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne EVENTS Guild House {802 Monroe)-Poetry reading, poets include Robert Manis, Wüliam Faimer and Stephen Berry, 7:30 pm MAY 18 Moon in Aries MUS1C Blind Pig-Baseball BiU, $1.00 I Floodts-iuskadine Bles Band, $ 1 .00 I Michigan -ArgentChambers Bros. Bancroft Hall, Bobby Blue Bland I SuSs Factoiy (Ypsi)-Easy, $1.00 I ünderground(yp;i-Rüey, $1.00 I MOVIES ♦Cinema Guild -"Such a Gorgeous Kid Like [ Me", Arch. Aud., 7:30 & 9:30 pin, $1.50 I Cinema H-"Adalen 3 1 ', Angelí Hall Aud. I A, 7:30 & 9:30 pm I TV Jjj Channel 7 7 pm-"The Rights of --iwm L Divorced Fathers" jpSuafj) MAY 19 Moon n Aries then Taurus 11:10 am MÜSIC Blind Pig-Silk Purse, S.SO Flood's Point Blank, $.75 ♦Underground (Ypsi - Riley, no cover Suds Factory (Ypsi)-Easy, $.50 Masonic Procul HaremJames Montgomery Band TV ChanneI 56 4 prn -"No Reservations Needed" Deals wiih the wide varicty of recreation available in nine Metro parks. Channel S6 7:30 pm-Nova: "Fusión, the Energy oí Promise" AH the worlds eneigy " needs could be met froni the sea, if fusión reactors could be built. Program focuses on the technteai-poütical deveiopments and the ptospeets lot the future with such a reactor. (pMon.fÍ) MAY 20 Moon ia Taarus MUS1C Floo3's-Rabbits, $.75 Masonic Auditorium- Mott the Hoopte Qtteen TV "Channei 56 3 pm- Woman: "Childbkthftat li" Discussion of neurologieal and physicai problems of newboin infants in relation to the tnother's prenatal care. Channel 56 8 pro --"The Place For No Story" An aerial look at the man-made woonds and scars, as weil as some of the beauty of California. ♦Cabaret Cinema (Southfield)-"Maltese Falcon", "Casabianca - y------_y MAY 21 Moon in Taurus then Gemini 2:50 pm MUSIC Biind Pie -l-'riends Road Sliow, SI .00 l-lood's-Rabbits, $.75 Suds;Factory (Ypsi) -Salem Witchcraft, $1.00 MOV I ES Cabaret Cinema (Southfield)-"Maitese Falcon", "Casablanca" A2 Film Coop-"Women ín Love", Angeli Hall Aud, A, 7 & 9:30 pm, $1.00 ♦Cabaret Cinema (Southfield)-"Maltese Falcon", "Casablanca" TV Channel 56 3 pmLgacy {start of the series): "Yellowstone National Park.Wyotning." A look at the flora and fauna of Yellowstone. ■Channel 56 6 pm-International and Domestic Conflict: "World War Hi?f' and 'Types of Regional Conflicts." Channel 56 9 pm-Black JournaJ: "I Sec The Future". Clairvoyant Uüian Cosby and Astrologer Jettha Love answer questions and give thek predictions of the future of this country and Wack people Channei 56 10 pm-"Detroit Black News" EVENTS Project Communi(y'Chïld Care Deveippment Program". Activtties Workshop: "Écology for Children" M. Hanis, Cali Project Conununity for place at 763-3548, time 8pm MAY 22 Moon in Gemini MÜSIC Blind Pit-Okra, $1.00 Flood's-Lightnin $.75 Masonic Auditorium-Eagles Suds Factory (Ypsi)-Strech Thomas, no cover ♦Underground- Iris, no coyer M0V1ES A2 Filin "Tha Erotk Adventares of Zorro", Angelí Hall Aud. A, 7, 8:45, & 10:30 pm, $1.00 Cinetna GuiM- "Mask of Fu Mancho", Arch. Auíí., 7:30 & ?:30 pm. $1.00 Neu Würld 1 ilm C of Si Modern Lang. üuild. Aud. 3, 7 & ') pm, $1.25 Cabaret Cinema Southfie!d)"Woodstock" TV "Channel 56 2 pm All Aboul Welfare (start of the series): "The Ali-American Poverty Show". The concept of the program is that poverty is an enemy, not just of those oppressie! with it but of everyone. "Channel 56 3 pm-Comultation: "Answeiing You" This program focuses on such topics as blood pressure, diet and dizziness. Channe] 56 8:30 pm-Theater In America: "Monkey, Monkey. Bottle of Beer, How Many Monkey s Have We Here?" Plpy by song-writer, lyricist and play wright Marsha Sheiness is a psychologkal drama about an unusual medical experiment and features an almost exclusively female cast. EVENTS Investigaüng A2-Sam Sturgis, photogra pher and photograph collector slide show: "Memorie of Oid A2 Town" Cali the Continuing Educatiorj Dept. on Townei Blvd, for more info. ;": MAY 23 Moon in Gemiai Ihen Cancar 4:46 pm MliSJC Blind Pig-Peter Bowen & Friends, $1.00 Flood's - Vipers, $.75 Pheïp's Lounge, Detroit-Bobby Bliie Bland Suds Factory fYpsi)-Strect Thomas, $1.00 ♦Underground (Ypsi)- Iris, no cover MOV1ES A2 FiJm Coop-"MaratSade", Angelí Hall Aud. A,7&9pm,$1.00 New World Film Coop-"State of Siege" Modern Lajig. Bldg. Aud. 3,79 pm, Si. 25 Cabauret Cinema (Southfield) "Woodsiock" CALENDAR TV Channel 56 6 pm- "international and Domesric Conflict: The Middle East As Example." Channei 56 8 pra-The Advocates tMoon n Cáncer g- Vipers, $1.00 FtootTs-Bül Heid Group, 51.00 Masorac Auditorium -C.uessWho Sut5 Factoty (Ypsi)-Strech Thomas, $1.00 Underground (Ypsi)-Ws, $1.00 MOVíES Ciaenta Guíld-"Cocoanuls" (Marx Bros.) Arch. Aud.. 7:30 & 9:30 pm, $1.00 Cinema lI"The pixer", Angeü Hall Aud. A, 7:30&9:4S pm,$1.00 Cabaxet Cmema (Soulhfleld)-"WoodMAY 25 Moon in Cáncer then Leo 6 : 1 3 pm MUSIC ♦Blind PigVipers, $1 .00 Flood's-Bill Heid Gfoup. $1 .00 Suds Factory (Ypsi)-Strech Thonsas, $1.00 ♦Underground ÍYpsi )Iris1 $1 .00 MOVIES Cinema Guild-"Gate of Heil", Arch. Aud. 7:30 & 9:30 pm ♦Cinema H"La Collectioneuse", Angelí Hall Aud. A., 7:30, 9:05 & 10:40 pm, $1.00 Cabatet Cinema (Southfield)-vWoodstock" TV ♦Channel 56 3 pm-"Dettoit B!ack Journal ♦Charmel 56 10 pm-"The Seventéenth Minute: Breast Cáncer". EVENTS Ann Arbor s ISOth Biithday Party. Events include big bands, circuses, stjuaie dasicíng, oíd fashioned swimming meets, demonstrations of farm crafts and much more for free. For information about evertts, times and pktces viftit the Sesquíceníennial Headquarters 113 W. Liberty or calí 662-3339. MAY 26 MÜSIC Blind Pig-Sük Pnrse, S.SO 'FIoocTs-Point Blank, $.75 Masonic Auditorium -Rare Earth ice Arena, Larry CoryellBilly Cooham Sud Pactory (Yp$i)Strech Thomai, no cover Underground (Ypsi)--ltis, no cover TV Channel 56 7 pm-Earthkeeping: "Wheeites" Piogtam asks yooag people to examine their already förming attitudes towards the car. Show on the prograro is the worlcing of natute'$ "weather maehiae" and how air pollutton, to which the car is the biggest single contributor affects it. Channel 56 7:30 Nova: "The Mystery of the Anasazi" The Anasazi lndians iived in S.W. America for maybe eight thóusand years; Uien about 1 300 AD they just disappeared. Withno wtitten record to go on. Thts piogram hows the seareh for clues to tíwt mystery. (Moa#) MAY 27 Moon in Leo then Virgo 8:26 pm MÜSIC Fiood'sGemim, $.50 S tables, E. Lansing-Jaz2 Crasaderx Sods Factoty (Ypsi)-Strech Thomas, S.SO TV Channel 56 6 International and Domestic Conflict: "The Middle East as example" and "How to think about conflict." Channel 56 8 pm-"Ajneriins and Their Cars". A documentary examination of the role of {he car in the U.S. that traces the use of the car from its primary roie in transportation thtough its new roles as status symbol, private and mobile bedroom, and an extensión of the way we see ourselves. Cabaret Cinema (Southfield) "Woodstock #Tues.# MAY 28 Moon in Virgo MUSIC Blind Pig-Friends Roadshow. $1 .00 ♦Flood's-Gemini, $.50 Cobo Hall -Ten Yea After Suds Fsctory {YpsOr-Strech Thomas, no cover MOVIES A2 Film Coop-"Last Tango ín Paris", Angelí Hall Atid. A, 7 & 9:1$ pro, $1.25 ♦Cabaret Cinema Southfieid)-"Woodstoek" TV Channel 56 3 pm-tegacy: "Acadia National Park, Mairte". A look at this NationalPark qn Mount Desert íshnd and an examinador! of its unequaled beauty to other Atlantic coast islands. Channel56 6 pm- International and Domestic Conflict'. "Types of Revolutions" and "The Processes of RevolutiotC Channel 56 9 pm-Kack Journal "The Original Bfother" Discussion of a recent discovery of a 1ost" ttibe of Africans in South America. Channel 56 10 pm-Dettoii Black loumal EVENTS Project Cominuntty--ChitdGaie & Development Program" Open discussion; "Experiences and Reactions" For place cali Project Corrununity at 763-3548, time 8 pm. MAY 29 Moon in Virgo MUSIC Blind Pig-Okra, $1.00 Fiood's-Red Blues Band, $,75 Underground (Ypsi)-Storm, no cover MOVIES A2 Kütt Coop-"Last Tango in Paris", AngellHall Aud. A, 7&9:15pm, $1.25 ♦Cinema Guiïd "Laura", Aren Aud., 7:30 & 9:30 pm. $1.00 New World Film Coop-"Cries and Whispers" by Ingmar Bergman, Mod. Lang. Bldg. Aud. 3 7:30 &:30pm, $1.25 Cabaret Cinema (Southfield)-"aockwork" TV Channel 56 2 pm-Ali About Welfare: -The Lingering Depression". Music, art, animation and narration are combined to trace the history and evoltion of welfare and its failure to keep abreast of the continuafly changing needs of the poor. Channel 56 3 pm- Consultation: "Blue Babies" What are blue babies? Their symptoms? How can they be treated? These, and other related questions are discussed on this - rr y gram. BIS-' Cbannel 56 7 pm-Detroit Black Journal "% Channel 56 8 pm-"Ak the Lawyers"'(live) 1 Cali in show about any legal matter to a panel of lawyers. Channel 56 10 pm-Montage "Day Care Centers" Many day care centers do not meet the proper caie necessary for the child's mental ana phy$icai wetl-being. This program looks at why often decent day cate i absent. EVENTS lnvestigating A2 Wystan Stevens to be aanouaced. For more info cali Continuing Education Dept. on Towtter Blvd. MAY Moon in Virgo then Libra 1 2: 17 am MUS1C BIind Pig-Jdm Nichotas, $1.00 Ftood's-Vipers, $.75 Underground Storm, ao cover MOVIES A2 Film Coop-"Negative", Angeli Hall Aud. A, 7&9pm, $1.00 Ncw World Film "Cries and Whispers" by Ingmai Bergman, Mod. Lang. Bldg. Aad. 3, 7:30&9:30pm, $1.25 Cabaret Qnema (Southfield) -"Oockwork" -r-y Channel 56 2:15 pm-Livlng Better. "Developing an Infant's Basic Skills" Children start to leaxn immediatety after they are born. This program demónstrales ways that parents can enhance the development of their child's skills in all five senses. Cliannet 56 6 International and Domestic Conflict: "Case Studies: The French Revolution" and "The Rus&ian Revolution". ♦Channel 56 8 pm-"Menominee" The story f3 I s of a Wisconsin Indian tribe's struggle to retain irg'I - Á land and tribal identity. ■I'"l0ívíá