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LETTERS -- Help Wanted

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Help Wanted

Dear Readers of the SUN.

As the Sunday free concerts resume, we again turn our attention to the needs of the people who come to participate in the cultural celebration. Among those attending are young children who require special services in their own area.

This year. Drug Help has donated a tent for diaper-changing and naps. But we are in need of other supplies as well. These include ice chests, rugs, cots, blocks, toys and games, paints and brushes, crayons, paper, old tires, towels, disposable diapers, fresh fruit and juices. We could also use small playground equipment like swing sets, slides, and see saws.

Adults and responsible young people who love children and are interested in their well-being are sought as volunteers to staff the children's area and provide for their needs. Anyone with supplies, equipment, and/or personal energy should contact Sue Wyborski at 665-2451. See you there with your kids.


Sue Wyborski