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Jazz Tokes! Santana's Hits!

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Subscribe Now - Get Free I Gonvm ffsMY 1 L$ÑiNy5& 1 likb. yC """"". including: Ê m S ' EvilWaysBlackMagicWoman KTTBÊ ■ f Pte Oye Como VaiJingoSamba Pa Ti jfc y I ) No Energy Crisi 2) Cuitar Arm USüntana tfBM T tlf you suoscribe now to the Ann Arbor SUN, you can get any one of these yBr fcA FREE: i ) No Energy Crisis, a two-record set featuring jazz masters Sun Ra, L MfcTJ ..Gato Barbieri, Pharoah Sanders, John Coltrane, Archie Shepp, Keith JarretandvJPB ' JM ots more; 2) John Sinclair's Guitar Army, which (from the liner notes) WZ, WiÈ A %#. "stands by itself as an explosive demonstra tion of the high energy rock NÉ WÈW L - and roll madness which has made the Motor City famous... over 100 lm L JMá W Photographs, posters, cartoons and other graphic documents of the mm? W "ÊW rainbow rock and roll revolution." or Santana's Greatest Hits m ffl V 1 y Yes, rush me one of those great albums and start my 26 issue subscription iCJB fTSk 't ' TiïWI f (1 yearl to theSUN. Enclosed is $6.00. N J „„ E yj Kisíaí :í%r Q Give me a free album and 56 issues of the SUN (2 years). Here's S10. 00. . Ê H C'jl Hk E;. ADDRESSSTREET falfe- IFBitfi :iiY!iA!t zip - kSiJM I (Pj ,H SMl SlÉl ■■ MV first choice is record number , JH rfÉfí H M KMI LJ 9 LjI BF fl DHRBM If you're out send me number I I JVI BP a HMHMI Clip and send land make all checks payable) to Rainbow Trucking Co. ! S Vl 1 P MlM DV HiB 208 South First Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48108; or ORDER BY Iff 1 I.F ' HM muM Hi PHONE bycalling 761-7148. SmÊ M È Make $7O at the Art Fair Take advantage of the special Sun Seller bonus We're looking for i you a record album people (Age 5 to ??) M h worth $5.98 free (see that want to sell the 1 K sáÉ above) if you sell 1 00 Ann Arbor SUN at the É éÊ L copies or more. upcoming streetArt P 1ÍHh To get in on tlie sPec" Fair ( July 1 7-20) on a J h ij ial Sun Seller Bonus, scheduled basis. If you Ik cali Frank Bach at the want to commit your ák SUN office (761-7148, self to a 3-hour shift mI 1 208 S. First St. above (or longer) at a specific P WfÊM É- BC the Blind Pig) to schedassigned location at the 1 ij & ule your time now!(A Art Fair, you can make 9 il ÊWÊÊ m limited number of 2 cents more per copy. L VSSl I shifts are available). That's right, you get I -And if you don't 1 7 cents for every cop j Hj I dig selling on a schedy you sell (our usual ule, you can still make seller ra te is 1 5 cents make $17. If you sell $68.00 for four days $1 5.00 per 1 00 copies per copy). So if you 100 papers per day, of fun out in the selling the Sun ANYsell 100 papers you you're paid a total of shine. Plus we'll give TIME.