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Shakey Jake

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Dear Sun: I have come to know and appreciate your paper through the efforts of one of your finest 'salesman, Shakey Jake. I see Jake almost every day as I walk through the city and I have spent several hours talking with him. He sells the SUN all over the city and does a good job. I wrote a poem about Shakey Jake and the work he does and 1 would like to share it-with you. I feel it captures the spirit I see in him. I have given Jake a copy of the poem and he will be singing it sometimes. I hope you enjoy the poem. Keep on bringing out the paper. The work you are doing with the SUN means much to me Rob Reinliart Chaplain of the University Hospital The Shakey Jake Song Who 's that coming down the street Rings on his fingers, white shoes on his feet He 's the man you 've got to meet He 's Shakey Jake (REFRAIN): He 's Shakey Jake Got 's what it takes He 's on the make You can 't forsake Our Shakey Jake See him playing his guitar On the street or in the bar Here he comes, he 's never f ar He 's Shakey Jake (REFRAIN) f you 're a woman or a man He 'II sell you a paper or give you a hand He knows where he 's going, don 't need io plan He 's Shakey Jake (REFRAIN) Shakey Jake sat out on the street Fourteen women sat 'round his feet They all know he 's kind 'a sweet He 's Shakey Jake. (REFRAIN) The cops said, "Play your songs sonie more Play if vou 're rich or ifyou 're poor But Shakey Jake headed for the door That's Shakey Jake