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New City Park Rules Proposed

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EditorsoftheSUN: The Ann Arbor City Parks Department has very recently proposed two additions to the city park rules. The text of the two proposed rules was mistakenly omitted from the public council information packet available in the Ann Arbor public library. To my knowledge, there has been no description of the two new rules in any local newspaper. Since the proposed rules would affect many thousands of people who use the city parks, I believe the public should have a chance to read them. "SPECIAL USE PARK AREAS THE SUPERINTENDENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION CAN ESTAÍ LISH PARK ÁREAS FOR SPECIAL USES. WITHIN SUCH SPECIAL USE PARK ÁREAS, ONLY THOSE USES DESIGNATED AND POSTED ON SITE ARE PERMIÏTED. NON-DESIGNATED USES ARE PROHIBITED AND ARE IN VIOLATION OF THE PARK REGULATIONS." "DOGS WITHIN CITY PARKS AND PLAYGROUNDS MUST BE ON LEASH AND CONTROLLED BY THE PERSON HOLDING THE DOG." I make no comment because I believe the comments and opinions should come from the many people of Ann Arbor who might care about this issue, but whose thoughts have not so far been heard. Please let your city council represen tati ves know how you feel about these rules, and in general about the way you use city parkland. Yours truly,