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Dr. Pierce Granted Recount

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Dr. Edward Pierce, loser of the Second Congressional district Democratie primary by 81 votes to John Reuther, has been granted a recount. Pierce requested a recount in 253 precincts, including two in Monroe county where problems had been reported earlier, and absentee ballots in Ann Arbor. The close election results. with Pierce and Reuther far outdistancing the other three Democratie contender√° for the nomination, were expected to be challenged. Pierce, endorsed by the SUN in the primary. is the founder of the Summit Medical Center. In his campaign, he is stressing heavy reductions in defense spending, a strong national health program, and legislation to help begin equalizing the distribution of wealth. Reuther, nephew of the late Walter Reuther of the UAW(United Auto Workers-a major force in the automobile's home state), had strong labor backing in-the primary. A liberal w'lic has worked with Kennedy, he moved to the second district to begin his own politica! career by trying for the congressional seat. (The Second district includes Washtenaw county. Livonia and Plymouth in Wayne county, and Monroe county.) Reuther expected to take the election easily, due to the influence of the autoworkers' union, hut Pierce ran a strong "grass roots" eampaign which succeeded in bringing the gressive doctor within range of victory. Much of the outcome of the recount will center on the j two precincts in Monroe county. Since the election, a number of rumors have circulated regarding an incorrect setup i of voting machines, including possible influence by labor. I and illegal procedures by a township clerk to get a certain person elected to a local post (the loser of that election has already filed for a recount). Much of the speculation centered on the high number of votes received by Theo Williams, who liad never campaigned in that √°rea. Despite his generally low level campaign. he swept the votes in the two precincts. If these two precincts are thrown out by the court, as is quite possible. Pierce will be within ten votes of victory. These could potentially be picked up in a recount of Ann Arbor absentee ballots, which had some foul ups during the priman . Ann Arbor strongly backed Pierce. and it may be a recount here will give him the race. Both Pierce and Reuther are continuing to campaign together,against incumbent Republican Marvin Esch, who is seeking reelection in November. This is an attempt to keep I the campaign going. regardless of the recount outcome. to I help the Democratie nominee defeat Esch. Other contenders for the congressional seat are Phil Carroll. Human Rights Party, and Martha Pettit. Socialist Workers Party. I