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Attica Brothers To Expose Rocky

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The Attica Brothers Legal Defense Committee has called on members of Congress' to invite representatives of the defense team to testify at Nelson Rockefeller's vice-presidential confimiation hearings. In telegrams to the House Judiciary Committee and the Senate Rules Committee, the Attica defense team said that it could provide evidence indicating that Rockefeller ís not qualified to be either President or Vice-President of the United States. Rockefeller was the Governor of New York in September of 1971 when he personally made the decisión to have armed state policemen storm the prison. At the time, an independent obse. r's committee which had handled negotiations between prison inmates and state officials had unanimously recommended that Rockefeller personally enter the negotiations. Rockefeller refused-and instead, sent 1500 armed troopers into the prison yard. A total of 41 persons- 32 of them inmates -were Killed during the seige. The nine guards and hostages who were killed were all shot to death by guns fired by the storming troopers. The state-appointed McKay commission, after investigating the tragedy , placed the blame for the!massacre on New York state political leaders and prison officials. The Attica Brothers Defense Committee has charged that Rockefeller's handling of the prison uprising "demonstrates a total lack of judgement and disregard for human well-being." The first of some 60 Attica-related trials are scheduled to begm next month in Buffalo, New York, at about the same time that Rockefeller's confimiation hearings will begin in Washington. The committee says it is looking into the possibility of subpoenaing Rockefeller as a witness to some of the Attica trials.