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NCWFREE! I Y t ___._____ P + AVAILABLE TO SUBSCRIBERS % J3V4LH -jfi ■ OUTSIDE OF ANN ARBOR AND l;ií ]:!L WÊk ypsilanti wr% kEEt r] This offer applies to mail-delivered Bf B AjjSP F mJL m 4 scripüons ONLY. If you live in AA or Hkafl Kr S 9 2fl Ypsi, see our HOME DELIVERY ad on K V .7 fSA the back page of the "Back to Ann U ' mB bor" supplement. i( MC? ' CO -PRODUCERS OF THE "DETROIT JAZZ" SEGMENT OF THE BLUES b )ITL FEST fflA I If you order a mail delivery subscript ion to the Ann Arbor SUN you can get - ,-, any oneof these FREE: l)a beautiful yeüov-and-red Ann Arbor SUN T-Shirt; . yv - p OR (the following available with 1 year or more subscription only) 2) LOCA fc- " X jáEKk TION, the first album by C2 (who were featured at the 1972 and 1973 Blues rtL xL2L ' jm E and Jazz Festivals). On the Strata label, the album includes some of the bands P , Aj JÊ ftk best performances from 1970 through 1972-musiciansinclude Ron Brooks, lij T íJKfe-f ÜC í?x #?ÍBáP bass; Kenn Cox, piano; Charles Eubanks, electric piano; Ron English,guitar; León i Cr JJf BL IjbB B B Henderson, saxophone Charles Moore, trumpet; Bud Spangier and Danny Spen =jf'V y Ir HF SrKB eer, drums; and Phil Mendelson, balances modulator. OR 3) INSIDE OURf "aiJ-N Eg gTÚg Ife SELVES, a live Detroit performance by the legendary Motor City jazz unit. X. wQnSlr Wf M-MÊ . M B Sphere-which included Larry Nozero, saxophone; Eddie Nucilli, trumpet: Keith f" 'H"" " 'V - L. -9 ( Vreeland, piano; John Dana, bass; and Jimmy Pel uso, drums. (Strata Records). T - " -TÊ Kp' OR 4) John Sinclair's CUITAR ARMY.about which LNS's Allen Young has -w J ■j mm said. "If youre interested in the politica! and cultural meaning of rock and roll, -s-v P marijuana, and LSD and the birth of the hippie, then you should read GUIT AR S-" v J Just dip and mail the coupon below, or order by phone by dialing (313) 994r - ' SRI-1 03-74 SPHERE 4337. ; Mail 25 issues (6 months) óf the SUN and a free T-Shirt COST: $50 (22 cents per . . - Mail 50 issues (1 year) of the SUN and a free T-Shirt, book, or record. COST: $10.00 I g- ' ■ T (21 „ts per issue). ■ rTTTgP RRM7 - Mail 100 issues (2 years) of the SUN and a free T-Shirt, book, or record. COST: ."- 1_" -" -"- $18.00(18 cents per issue) JTHTI iNnTiTB Mail 150 issues (3 years) of the SUN and a free T-Shirt, book, or record. COST: y . WM $24.00 (16 cents per issue) jfl ''VV AddressStreet Apt. No. IHI A BH M gM Z'P Phone LW PI - " First Choice Premium: No. Second Choice: No. %9 n lTH vl T-ShirtSize: S M L XL I #J V I M, Jd ■ cm mi 7A rm (If you move to the Ann Arbor area, we will finish your subscription, via home ddivT IM ■ ■ bRl-101-74 CJQ ery,atyournewaddress.) K=______jHi Qip and mail coupon, and make all chècks payable to: Rainbow Trucking Co 603 E ' ----i William, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. -