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The SUN will be weekly starting on September 2Oth. This means that not onIy will the paper need more regular volunteer workers, but the possibility ot more paying jobs gets closer to home. We need: Creative, inspired WRITERS to cover local news, work on National features, submit book, record or concert reviews, survivalsciencehealthfood features, or whatever else you think should grace these pages. Experienced ARTISTS and cartoonists to draw graphics. design and layout ads (which pays on a commission basis NOW) and also to do patiënt, careful page layouts. Experienced PHOTOGRAPHERS with access to darkroom equipment to cover assignments or else submit relevant prints. Swift, accurate TYPIST to help bear the coming weekly typesetting load on un IBM selectric composer. (Typists are paid by the hour NOW.) We are willing to help potential writers, and artistslay-- out people get their skills together so don't be --__ fraid to cali. ZZ'' You Can Help The SUN Get To More People If you think the Ann Arbor SUN is a valuable nformation outlet that should get to more people, there are lots of ways you can help: HOME DELIVERY-You can make money every week in your own dorm or neighborhood selling and servicing Ann Arbor SUN home delivery subscriptions. See page for more details. STREET You can also piek up some good cash selling the SUN on the streets, at concerts, at film showings, just about anywhere people gather. Your profitb 15 jt per copy, which mèans you've got at least S15.00 left after you sell one bundie (100 SUNs). STORES-We'll service any store, anywhere, that wants to sell the Ann Arbor SUN. Stores usually make 10 per copy for every SUN they sell. If you know of a store that wants to carry the SUN weïl give you a free record album just for giving us the informatioa COINBOXES-Some of our most reliable SUN sellers are the metal coin-operated SUN dispensers that can be found at strategie locations around _ town (see page for locations). We get these boxes when Zr-- '- people loan us $90 to help cover their manufacture an(l shipping costs. The coinboxes do so well Z ZZ" -C that we pay back each loan plus $10 (S100 lül lrA SZ T"" Ss. total) in six months. mOII iJ y ,Nf NV For more information contact -7J AC t_ sS ir1! II 1 X Rainbow Trucking Co. (313)9947146 for s%s r.iiCT i-j, "'ias.- lnfo f Cometo the X ƒ Sun's Benefit Porties ƒ t50 OCT21 L1 ' I The Mr.Flood's JAi% 1 p- cre dik 'jÉUfc' - -'" ' S75 9-l:30pm SI. 00 9-2pm UËHhH x nfÜBsQffh AU proceeds go towards renovation of 603 E. William. (New SUN office.) fl __ ANN ARBOR STORES fhP VAUDEVILLE DELICATESSAN 211 S Univetsity I I l VILLAGE CORNER 601 S. Forest ANN ARBOR ADULT NEWS 215 S. Fourth #B%1%1 GjÊÈnÊLiiÊOiÊBÈ at1È% %. B vdch iMTlCWDCC ANN ARBOR CYCLI R Y 1224 Packard ffl fea. BJ ffl 1 ■s.m. 1 i Uk i YPSILANTI STORES APPLFROSK NATURAL FOODS 300 W. Liberty ËJÈ, WÊkWËk mm P& 4w7 I I 1 I ll BAR-B-OKING 730 N.Main jTi II il f i,3J tri" I SkSi 1 1 ixH BACK OF THE MOON 511 E. Cross mt BLACK RAM 311 E. Liberty E I V II 1 fLC È&k W È I I 1 l BIG TOP PARTY STORE 1483 Washtenaw THE BLIND PIG 208 S. First I f aiF 'c5SBL 11 S 1 f I THE BOP SHOP 335 Pearl BLUE FRONT 701 Packard M I Jl II 11 il M I -iLrAL-JKïiMmiJÊ 1M1I Jft - 11 . COLLEGE PHARMACY 537 W. Cross CAMPUS CORNERS 818 State w ffllUMIIffl fflmtta tfltt W v J3[9Jmgjftret-. mw tJJMa mm CROSS DISCOUNT 523 W. Cross CAMPUS BIKE&TOY (2NI) FLOOR) 514 1 William ámiR EMU STUDENT UNION Washtenaw CENTICORE BX)KSHOP 1229 S. University ifx M$ 1 ARIS MARKET 501 W. Cross COMMUN1TY NEWS CENTER 1301 S. University V HUCKLEBERRY PARTY STORE 2872 Washtenaw COMMUNITY PHARMACY 3014 Packard V.,. H -. H . . . L.. A. HUNGRY CHARLIE'S 705 W. Cross CRAZY JIM'S BLIMPY BURGERS División al Packard V-G 11 LJ LjOLJOMI AT MICH. AVI ADULT BOOKS 208 W. Michigan CURIOUS USED BOOKS 340 S. State -l I W VVVI IV rl. MIDWAY RECORDS Holmes & Midwjy DELONG'S BAR-B-0 PIT 314 Detroit THE RAINBOW AGENCY 208 S. First THE SHIRT SHACK 301 Perrin DISCOUNT RECORDS 300 S. State RAINBOW MULTI-MEDIA 208 W. Liberty TOM'S PARTY STORE 500 W. Cross DISCOUNT RECORDS 1235 S. University RECORDLAND Briarwood THF WHFRFHOUSE 707 W. Cross DOUGLASS SOUND 311 E. Liberty SGT. PEPPI-.R'S GENERAL STORE 1028 E. University WICCA NATURAL FOODS 72 1 W. Cross IDDIE'S RECORD SHOP 730 N. Main THE SIGHT SHOP 613 E. University EDENIOODS 33OMaynard SOYBEAN CELLARS FOOD STORE 314 E. Liberty rniMRnVF5 ERLFWINI INSTRUMENTS 205 N. Main SUNRISE COMMUNE STORE 214 E. Washington tunDUAca III RB DAVID CUITAR STUDIO 209 S. State UNIVERSITY CELLAR Michigan Union ANN ARBOR HURON VALLEY MOTORSPORTS 226 W. Liberty U OF M UNION BOOKSTORE Michigan Union NORTH U& STATE lM,loTcSu-C ?2 r' HÜerty U OF M UNION GALLERY Michtgan Union WILLIAM & MAYNARD kALSO I.ARTH SHOES 406 E. Liberty ( 1 tatv nilTH II [HE LORD FOX 5400 Plymouth SUPPORT PLACES THAT CARR Y THE SUN! SOUTH U&CHURCH M K mC APNP1I ASRSM ACYOK ' " K Mdf -Thanks t0 those folks wh lent US enOUgh mOneV t0 'N& UBERTY OMl-GA PIZZA 101 N. Forest coinbox on the Ann Arbor SUN "Adopt a Coi nbox" plan. You vdc.iamti Pi OPLI'S FOOD CO-OP 722 Packard loan us S90 for one box now-we'U pay you back SI 00 in SIX íccVmi i tre pi apf PLANlSGALORr i:(2lVkard months. -Frank Bach. Rainbow Trucking Co. (Distribution and nlrlmr THEOPAK'S 2ÏÏ s'g I CifC"lati0 f0f the An" Arbor SUN) MRtTla. AYETTE