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A Jbl-uva Deal!

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jHj MBHMHMumMHQM ..■■ ■■- - „ I Buy this JBL L-88 I "' r__ -tale of the tags- ■ c-, fin . L"88 P11"5 $240 tor 1ÖV i i They'U be gone in a that'S 21% OFF! P JBL-uva hurry! IL -uu ,.uj,..-, ; a 4% About 7 lucky customers per store will be able to HmHMHHBHHHBMHHhI fl V fl H buy these JBL's at a first time discounted price. JBL's 91 I V K H I L-88 Plus s acoustical kissm' cousm to the worldThere-S an optona M.12 Expander Kit available for T hBfl renowned JBL-100 Studio Monitor. It shares the $69 t ncudes JBL's 5" Midrange driver and a crossover ■■W W same powerful 12" woofer, the same wide dispersión network adaptor wth midrange eve, controL With this kit H. V M tweeter, the same h,gh efficiency engineering that a screwdriver, & 15 minutes, you can turn your L-88 Plus állf M gives you more sound output per watt of amplifier int0 a JBL L.1OO Studio Monitor That.s a rea, PLUS! pOWer. ' fc n. _ a km. a aj ■ P, Pioneer SX-5Z5 at Dealer Cost! H mmj-mmjgggSXSj I t'd be a great match for those JBL L-88 Plus's! This popular Pioneer has enough I B, 1 power for most folks' needs, especially with high-efficiency speakers like JBL's, Cerwin-Vega's or DLK's. FM Muting for ▲ - & ák quiet tuning, jacks for 2 tape decks, aux, &VAB %D K I phono, headphones & mie. Terminals for 2 ▼ I I LJ ""L$ -!A %St --#-%- í: j speaker pairs; walnut finish cabinet, 2 year LV B '%# V J ?'' J 100%Warranty. MT We'll show f you our I "- " Retail $259.95 Dealer C0St! Deaer Cost Sheet to prove tl I I CCKmIC i Inflation? I ■ O- IIQQfl I Check our prices & you'U see I I I Electronics M we haven't heard oL it yet. . . m ■ IIM BRI ARWOOD M ALL A W ANN ARBOR