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Note: To find the location or phone numbers for the musical events and films listed in the calendar, turn to pages 21 & 23.

Fri 20 Moon in Scorpio, then in Sagittarius 4:48 pm


Ann Arbor

*Cinema Guild-"Accattone" [Pasolini & Bertolucci] (Italian) English subtitles 7 & 9,$1.

*Cinema II-"Bizarre, Bizarre" [Marcel Carne] French subtitled 7 & 9, $1.


*Mud Cinema-"Day of the Jackal" (EMU ID only)7 &9:30


*Cabaret Cinema-"Pink Flamingos" Midnight (25570 W. Eight Mile, 356-4666)

*Cass City Cinema -"The Wild One" w/Brando 7 & 9:30 (First Unitarian Church, Cass at Forest)


Ann Arbor

*The Ark Coffee House-Elizabeth Cotten 9 pm, $2.50, folk.

*Bimbo's-Gaslighters $.50. ragtime.

*Blind Pig-Sojourner Wolf's Cathouse Band, 9:30, $1., old R&B.

*Chances Are-True, 9 pm. rock.

*Flick's Bar-Mojo Boogie Band, $1

*Mr. Flood's Party -Silvertones, 9:30, $1., old R& B.

*Rubaiyat-Free Fiight, 9:30, no cover, mild dance band.


*Bimbo's-Diamond Head, 9:30, $1. rock.

*The Suds Factory-Copper Penny, 9:15, $1., rock&roll.

Detroit & Suburbs

*Baker's Keyboard Les McCann, 9:30, $3.50, jazz.

*Bobbie's Lounge-Ursula Walker w/Matt Michaels, Don Palmer & Jack Brokenstra, 9pm

*Earth Center-Dave Roselyn, 9 pm, blues.

*J.J.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel -The Lyman Woodard Organization, 9 pm, jazz

*Moby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie Trio, 9 pm, $1., top 30's & 40's.

*Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-The Rockets & The Friends Road Show, 9:30, $3., r&r.

*Raven Gallery -Jonathan Round & Charlie Robinson, 9:30 & 11:30, $3., ballads & blues.

*Rock & Roll Farm-Brussel Sprouts, 9 pm, r&r.

*Side Door Lounge-Little Rubin & Wideload, MacLac, Terry & Topics, Carlisle, 9 pm, r&r.

*Surfside Cocktail Lounge -Good Time Band, 9 pm, $1.50, r&r

*Union Street-Mary Foley, Alan Rodon, Jill Phillips, Mike Monahan, 8:30-1:30, folk.

*Watts Mozambique Lounge-Grant Greene, 10:30, $3.50, jazz singer.

*Women's Cultural Center-Cathy & Barry, 9:30, $1.50, feminist songs.


11:30 pm -Wide World Special; "Walt Disney-A Golden Anniversary Salute" A celebration of the 50th anniversary of entertainment world created by the late Walt Disney including interviews by people who worked for him and with him, and sequences from his most famous films (ABC-TV)

1 am-Rock Concert, Manfred Mann, Ch.7



*EMU Fall Festival 7-11 p.m., Intramural Field-North Campus (Ann St. at Huron River Drive) EMU Campus.


*Latin-American Festival, 6-11 pm, Detroit Riverfront

Sat 21 Moon in Sagittarius

MOVIES Ann Arbor

*Cinema Guild-"The Conformist" (Bertolucci) French, English subtitles, 7 & 9, $1.

*Cinema II -"O Lucky Man" [Lindsay Anderson] 4, 7,& 10, $1.25.

*Mediatrics-"Scarecrow" starring Gene Hackman & Al Pacino, 7:30 & 9, $1 .

*Festival of Life film-"Sunseed" 7 & 9:30, at Nat. Sci. Aud.


*Mud "Carnal Knowledge (EMU ID only) 7 & 9 pm


*Cabaret Cinema-"Pink Flamingos" see Fri. Sept. 20


Ann Arbor

*The Ark Coffee House-Elizabeth Cotten, see Sept. 20

*Bimbo's-Gaslighters, see Sept. 20

*Blind Pig-Sojourner Wolfs Cathouse Band, see Sept. 20

*Chances Are-True. see Sept. 20

*Flicks Bar-Mojo Boogie Band. $1

*Mr. Flood's Party-Silvertones, see Sept. 20

*Rubaiyat-Free Flight, see Sept. 20


*Bimbo's-Diamond Head, see Sept. 20

*The Suds Factory-Copper Penny, see Sept. 20

Detroit & Suburbs

*Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Les McCann, see Sept.20

*Bobbie's Lounge-Ursula Walker & trio, see Sept. 20

*Earth Center-Dave Roselyn-see Sept. 20

*JJ.'s Lounge-Shelby Hotel-Lyman Woodard. see Sept. 20

*Moby Dick Lounge-Don McKenzie Trio, see Sept. 20

*Rainbow Room-Shelby Hotel-The Rockets & Friends Road Show, see Sept. 20

*Raven Gallery-Jonathan Round & Charlie Robinson. see Sept. 20

*Rock & Roll Farm -Brussel Sprouts, see Sept 20

*Side Door Lounge-Local Bands, see Sept. 20

*Surfside Cocktail Lounge-Good Time Band see Sept. 20

*Union Street-Folk musicians, see Sept. 20

*Watts Mozambique Lounge-Grant Greene, see Sept. 20

*Women's Cultural Center-Laurie McPherson 9:30 pm, $1.50, feminist songs.


1 pm-Soultrain, music. Ch.2 

5 pm-ABC Wide World of Sports, George Foreman-Muhammed Ali, Ch.7



*EMU Fall Festival 10 a.m.-11 pm.. see Fri Sept. 20 for location.


*Latin-American Festival-noon-11 pm, Detroit Riverfront

Sun 22 Moon in Sagittarius


Ann Arbor

*Cinema Guild-"Partner"[Bertolucci] Italian English subtitles, 7 & 9, $1.

*Cinema II-"Le Retour d'Afrique" [Alain Tanner] French, subtitled, 7&9, $1.

*Mediatrics-"Scarecrow" see Sept. 21

*New World Film Co-op -"Cries & Whispers" 7&9 $ 1.25. 


*Mud Cinema-"Carnal Knowledge" see Sept. 21

*International Film Series-"The 400 Blows" [Truaffaut] 8 p.m.-50 cents, Holy Trinity Church EMU campus.


Ann Arbor

*Ark Coffee House-Tracey Schwartz, 9 pm $2.50, folk

*Bimbo's-Gaslighters, see Sept. 20

*Blind Pig-Golliard Brass Ensemble, 9:30, $.50, classical

*Chances Are-Heavin', 9 pm, rock

*Del Rio-Jive Soup-Jazz 

*Golden Falcon-Mojo is DJ, 9:30

*Mr. Flood's Rabbits, 9:30, $.75 r&r M

*Milan Prison-Mojo Boogie Band


*Bimbo's-The New McKinney Cotton Pickers, 2-5:30 pm, jazz

*The Suds Factory-Mugsy, 9:15, rock

Detroit & Suburbs

*Baker's Keyboard Lounge-Les McCann, see Sept. 20

*Earth Center-Dave Roselyn, see Sept. 20

*Rainbow Room -Shelby Hotel-Eddie Nuccelli's ban-Plural Circle, 9 pm, Jazz

*Raven Gallery-Jonathan Round & Charlie Robinson, 9:30 & 10:30, $3., ballads & blues

*Rock & Roll Farm-Brussel Sprouts, see Sept. 20

*Side Door Lounge-Local Bands see Sept. 20

*Surfside Cocktail Lounge-Good Time Band 9 pm,$l. r&r

*Union Street-Folk musicians, see Sept. 20

*Watts Mozambique Lounge-Grant Greene, see Sept. 20

*Belle isle Band Shell-Detroit Blues Festival, 11 am-7 pm, free



*EMU Fall Festival 10 a.m.-9 p.m., see Fri, Sept. 20 for location.


*Latin-American Festival-noon-11 pm. Detroit Riverfront

*Detroit Blues Festival - 11 am-7 pm , Belle Isle Band Shell

Mon 23 Autumn Equinox Moon in Sagittarius,then in Capricorn 2:23 am


*New World Film Coop: Cries & Whispers-see Sun. Sept. 22 


Ann Arbor

*Blind Pig: Blue Monday w/Boogie Woogie Red, 9:30, $1.00, boogie woogie blues

*Chances Are: Heavin, see Sept. 22

*Golden Falcon-Jive Soup-Jazz

*Mr. Flood's Party: Tim Carr, 9:30, $.50  


*Bimbo's: Bob Springfield, 9:30, $1.00, 1 man entertainment

*The Suds Factory: Salem Witchcraft, 9:15, $.50, Rock n' Roll

Detroit & Suburbs

*Side Door Lounge: TV-Tape Show of Rock & Roll Bands, 7-10 pm

*Union Street: Folk Musicians-see Fri., Sept. 20

*Watts Mozambique Lounge: Grant Greene-see Fri. Sept. 20


2:30 pm-Lilias Yoga & You, Yoga at home. 56

11 pm-It's Your Turn, Detroit's Fifth Estate Newspaper, 56

11:30 pm-Katherine Hepburn Festival (- "Break of Hearts" 1935), 50

Tues 24 Moon in Capricorn


Ann Arbor

*A2 Film Co-op: Marat/Sade [Peter Brook]. Starring Glenda Jackson & Patrick Magee, 7 & 9, $1.25

*Cinema Guild: Birth of a Nation [D.W. Griffith] Silent 7 pm. $1.00 and Wild Boys of the Road [W. Wellman], 9:30 pm, $1.00

*New World Film Co-op: The Last Picture Show, 7 & 9:30, $1.25


*Mud Cinema: The Kid & the Idle Class (EMU ID only). 2 & 8 pm


Ann Arbor

*Blind Pig: Cirrus, 9:30. 1.00, jazz

*Chances Are: Chopper, 9:00, Rockn' Roll

*Golden Falcon-Jive Soup-Jazz

*Mr. Flood's Party: Tim Carr, See Sept. 23


*The Suds Factory: Salem Witchcraft, See Sept. 23

Detroit & Suburbs

*Earth Center: Dave Roselyn, 9 pm, Blues

*Moby Dick Lounge: Don McKenzie Trio, 9pm No Cover, Top 30's & 40's

*Rainbow Room - Shelby Hotel: The Friends Road Show, 9:30 pm, $1.00, mime-acrobats-clowns-magic-R&R

*Raven Gallery: The Country Store, 9:30 & 10:30, $3.00, Bluegrass

*Side Door Lounge: Local Bands-see Fri. Sept. 20

*Union Street: Folk Musicians-see Fri. Sept. 20.

*Watts Mozambique Lounge: Grant Greene see Fr. Sept 20


9:30 pm-Performance, Ars Antiqua-rare instruments, 56

10 pm-Detroit, Black News, 56

11:30 pm-Wide World Special, 20th Cent. Fox Presents - clips from old flicks, 7

11:30 pm-Katherine Hepburn Film Fest - (Christopher Strong '33), 50

Wed 25 Moon in Capricorn, then in Aquarius 2:38 pm


Ann Arbor

*A2 Film Coop: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex [Woody Allen] , 7, 8:45, & 10:30, $1.25

*Cinema Guild: Birth of a Nation & Wild Boys of the Road. See Tues. Sept. 24

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