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Public Access Opens To Candidates

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For office-seekers, no-cost exposure on the electronic soapbox. For Ann Arbor voters, greater opportunity for objective assessment of the nominees. That's the picture for the November election if local candidates take advantage of the free TV time available to them on Cable Channel E. From now until election day, 27 hours a week have been reserved on Cable E specifically for political use. Channel E is one of four 1 cial public-access channels in Ann Arbor's cable system. Not to be confused with . the commercially operated Cable 3, Cable E aspires to "educational" programming, and is therefore a fitting niche for candidates to present their postures and personalities. Candidates who wish to use Cable E's political provisions are responsible for furnishing pre-recorded videotapes, since the Public Access TV Office is not yet blessed with live-studio facilities (but they're on their way!). Like all other users of public access TV in Ann Arbor, candidates may borrow portable videotape equipment free of charge, either from the Public Access Office or the Ann Arbor Cablecasting Commission, once they've been certified in the use of the equipment. For the uninitiated, training is free at the Access office. TV time is free, too, so this is a fall for unendowed candidates. If you're a concerned voter, tune in to Cable E from now until November 5 - Monday through Friday, 9:30 to 1 lam. 2:30 to 4 pm, and 6 to 9 pm (except Thursday nights), and see who's utilizing the tube. lf you're a candidate or working for one, contact the Ann Arbor Cablecasting Commission (662-6827) for further information; and the Public Access TV Office (769-7422) to borrow andor be trained on the equipment and to schedule your tupes.