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Letters - We Ain't Perfect Yet

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We Ain’t Perfect Yet

For you and anyone else who may have missed our apology, which was run in the October 4 SUN, here it is again.

"We only caught the deeply sexist nature of this statement after it was in print. The idea of lumping together drugs, depravity, violence and diarrhea with gayness perpetuates the myths that have been crippling efforts towards sexual and human liberation for centuries. The entire staff of the SUN, especially Paul Grant, the writer of the review, extends its sincere apologies to the community for its carelessness and irresponsibility."

We’re trying to keep things from slipping past us like this one did, but in the struggle to put out a weekly paper, we sometimes slip up. We welcome criticism from the community, as it helps keep us on our toes. Write and let us know what we're doing wrong (and of course, we also like to know what we're doing right).