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Friends of the Ann Arbor SUN present the MIDWEST PREMIERE of the Cuban Epic Film lÊc' t-': JÊ Wfl "' urse everVne nterested n the women's R wF '■■-'■- %fl movement or third-world revolution, particulartt."SScr;--- " B Iv those who see it as a package deal, to...see WrZA MnkJv) LUCIA." - Molly Haskell, The Village Voice. tJWfc 'C r Mi "...the best film to deal with sex and marraige rjR '. Wt 8j'B sofar in 1974.. .'Lucia 196..' (s) a small but un■►-'i ; jtó Aj deniable masterpiece...lf, by some chance, you T r- 'X wF B areunable toavail yourself of LUCIA in the j ƒ ' tH town where you live, maybe the time has come I ; ƒ S ■ ., ."": to apply strong-arm tactics to the local theatre Fvli ' Wjit s 2L owners, or, if that fails, move out." - Frank dr '$&' W Rich. New York Times. SATURDAY-IMOVEMBER 30 8PM-$1.50 Modern Language Bldg., U of M Campus, Aud. 3. Advance Tickets available at the Ann Arbor SUN