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3jr fe y r The Soviet government is warning that nations of the earth may soon be subjected to such environmental horrors as artificial tidal waves or ultra-violet bombardment through holes in the ozone unless "weather war" is outlawed. A cali for control over environmental weapons was issued at the United Nations last week by Soviet Ambassador Jacob Malik. Malik stated that scientists have the technology to set off nuclear explosions inside the Arctic or Antarctic ice cap, producing gigantic ice slides that would trigger tidal waves that could engulf cities. He warned that ozone layers could be manipulated high above the earth so that deadly, cancer-causing radia tion could be directed against selected targets on the earth. Malik called for the United Nations to draw up a disarmament agreement that would outlaw all forms of weather or environmental weapons of war. The U.S. Defense Department has admitted to using weather weapons in Vietnam, reportedly flying thousands of cloudseeding sorties to increase rainfall in efforts to hinder the movement of North Vietnamese troops.