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The Pentagon is pushing Congress to make its first outright territorial land grab in more than half a century. The Pentagon has its eyes on the commonwealth of the Marianas, 14 islands located 1600 miles off the Asian mainland. The Pentagon already has plans to construct a $300 million air and naval base on the Tinian, the flat-topped volcanic island in the Marianas chain from which the U.S. launched the B-29's that dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Protests against the imperialist move are mounting throughout the Far East and around the world. Militant Buddhists who toppled two governments in the late 1960's have joined Roman Catholic demonstrators in demanding the resignation of the fascist military dictatorship of President Thieu of South Vietnam. The BuddhistCatholic protests are the gravest threat to Thieu's regime since he took office eight years ago in a CIA led coup. The CIA is said to be preparing for Thieu's own coup, but hasn't found anyone sympathetic to U.S. policy to replace him with. Meanwhile, Thieu publicly purges his government and the military leadership while ruthlessly attacking anti-govemment forces within South Vietnam. A council of Greek judges has ordered that proceedings be started against ex-dictator George Papadopoulos and 46 others for High Treason. The proceedings are in addition to a formal investigation into charges that Papadopoulos, and other junta members were responsible for the deaths of at least 18 persons during anti-govemment protests last November. Papadopoulos and four other leaders of the 1967 coup in Greece were arrested October 23 - and exiled to the small Aegean island of Kea to await their fate. . The powerful Swedish Trades Union Federation has joined the International Boycott of California grapes and lettuce in support of the United Farm Workers Union. This total boycott announced in Sweden is expected to have a significant impact on non-UFW picked exports: prior to the boycott, Sweden had been purchasing about four-fifths of California lettuce and two-thirds of the grapes exported to Europe. ♦ The state of Wisconsin is expected to elect the first admitted marijuana-smoking Attorney General in the U.S. Democrat Bronson LaFollette is expected to win easily over his Republican opponent. LaFollette announced during his campaign that he has smoked dope . . . Even Ann Landers, has come out in favor of decriminalization of marijuana. Pólice in Omaha, Nebraska, report that a crowd gathered and cheered over the weekend as a gunman robbed a concession stand at city auditorium. Pólice say the crowd watched the robbery, and then cheered loudly as the suspect fled from the scène.