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should be making the decisions.

Although negotiations will continue until the deadline, a large gulf separates the two sides. According the Bargaining Committee member John Forsyth, the University "cannot move a long way on its part." Said GEO negotiator Dave Gordon, "GEO is committed to ensuring that graduate education will not become reserved for the wealthy."


Politics Picks EMU Prez

Eastern Michigan University regents appointed Lt. Governor James Brickley as president of the University last Friday over student and faculty protests.

Brickley, whose term as Lt. Governor ends in January, was supposedly given the position because of his administrative skills. However, his inexperience in academics has EMU people accusing the regents of playing politics. Interestingly enough, Brickley served on Governor William Millken's appointments committee, and was most likely responsible for a number of appointments to the EMU board of regents.

Brickley has an intriguing past, and is likely to follow well in the footsteps of his predecessors. For example, during the campus uprisings over Kent State, the former EMU president encouraged ex-Washtenaw County Sheriff Douglas Harvey to take any actions necessary to keep the students off the streets, including the use of tear gas and german shephards.

 Brickley himself is a former FBI man, and his attorney's background got him appointed U.S. attorney for southeastern Michigan. In 1970, he was elected to the Lt. Governor's job along with Milliken. A hard-line conservative, he has little sympathy for students who are anything but straight. Last summer, Brickley refused to bail his own son out of jail after he was arrested for marijuana possession. Brickley let it be known that his son had gotten himself into it by using that "illegal drug," and would have to get himself out. Friends finally got the money together after the son had been in jail over 24 hours.

Brickley took the.EMU post after deciding not to run for reelection, claiming that the $25,000 a year paid Lt. Governors was not enough to support his wife and six children. As president of EMU, his salary is reportedly going to be in the $50,000 range. Brickley will assume the presidency in early January.

Third Parties Score Gains

Michigan isn't the only state with a growing third party movement. California's Peace and Freedom Party, formed in 1967 to Opposed the Democratic Party's war policies in Vietnam, ran a slate of candidates for statewide office this year.