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New Petitions Support Congressional Bills

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A flurry of paper is hitting Ann Arbor this month, as two more petition drives kicked off this week. Both are to pressure Congressional action. One for consumer protection and the other for a moratorium on nuclear construction.

The Consumer Protection Act, which would establish the Agency for Consumer Advocacy is currently being filibustered in the Senate. If passed, it would create a nonregulatory agency to lobby for consumer interests before such regulatory agencies as the Food and Drug Administration, the Federal Communications Commission or the Civil Aeronautics Board.

Residential College students are the local sponsors of the petition started by the Task Force Against Nuclear Pollution. The petitions are sent to local congresspeople to persuade them to support a construction moratorium

Still out and needing workers and signatures are the Human Rights Party petitions for rent control and city support of child care centers, as well as a third petition for door-to-door voter registration sponsored by students in the Pilot Program.

Contacts for the various drives are: Consumer agency-Kathy Hopkins. 994-3695 or Kathy Fojtik, 994-2402; Nuclear moratorium-Scott Burns, 764-2602; Voter registration-Marshall Clayton, 764-5907; and Child care and Rent control, HRP office, 761-6650.