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We received the following poem in response to our recent issue on assassinations. Check out part 2 of Chai series on page 8 of this issue. ' BREMERLAND Somewhcre down in Dixieland Ganison can 't play his hand ■Neubleu cheer in every brain Arthur Brcnicr is the name. Trial to see ij Bremer is insane Trial to see i f Bremer is to blame Whilc the Nation 's Brain 's aflame Arthur Bremer ain 't the same. After Dealy Plaza Sixty-three M.L. King and Bobby Kennedy Since George Wallace got the ax Can you teil me who is next '.' Hunt to Hampton, Boggs to Malcolm X Teddy's neatly skewered off the bridge Ruby 's canccred. Oswald Skids. Just for 'Jaeky and the kids ! Don 't let tlwt bloody deal go down 2039 is war too long Nineteen hundred eigity-four Knockin' next on heaven 's door. H. González wants to know the truth But he nëeds to hearfrom me and you Who 's behind it? Wait and see. James liarl Ray just changed his pica.