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Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer

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Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer, "I.ikc Chihlren, " Nemperor NE 430 Jerry & Jan, respective!}' former violinist and keyboard man fot Mahavishnu John McLauglilin. on their first duo album show the influence ot' the Maha. but it does not stille in any way their own creative instincts. The music is full of pleasani surprises. "Country and Eastern Musie". marred slightly by a tuncless vocal (next time, it woukl be wise if J & J stuck to straight instrumentals), is an other.vise delicious stew of American and Mitteleuropa tolk motifs. "Topeka" is รก rocker ot'. the first water. "I Reincmber Me" and "Night" are carefully built tone poems which remind me strongly of Mahavishnu Orchestra's Birds of Fire work. Except fot the alorementioned weak vocals, the only faults I can pinpoint are inadequate drumwork (by Hammer) and slight overdependence on the Moog. All in al!. Hammei 's keyboards, especially his Moog leads oh "Earth" and "Night." and Goodman's work on all the V's (viol-in,-a, and electric violin) make this an album to sit back, wonder at and enioy.