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Pepe Mtoto Julian Priester

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Pepe Mtoto Julián Priester, "Lave, Lave . ' ECM 1044ST ECM, probably the only jazz-oriented recording company in the world consistent both in quality and quanüty, carries on with Lave, Love by Pepe Mtoto Julián Priester. Priester has pretty much picked up where his band with Herbie Hancock left off, with Dr. Pat Gleeson very prominently on the synthesizer eontrols, a cooking, high energy rhythm seetion, and ■ not too much solo space. It seems Priest is more interested in his function as composer-bandleader-arranger than in his trombone playing, wliich is cool. Tlie sound he makes with his band is beautit'ul, and hopefully, we'lt hear sotne more of Pepe's trombone in future offerings. Pat Gleeson is the only player Tve heard use the synthesizer purely as a conjuror of sound, rather llian as a wierd oigan. He's not a jazz keyboard player, and he doesn't treat the synthesizer keyboard like a piano or organ, blowing jazz unes, cliords, etc. The sounds he filis the mude with - tinkling shattering glass, chattering air hamtners, collapsing buildings - are sounds, yet in ensemble context, are music. And Gleeson never lack for iniaginatioh. The other electronics, particularly the Arp String Synthesizer played by Priester himself. wörk well too. lt's a gas to hear "strings" played by an improvisor in a small combo, especially when the imprevisor is the likes oí Pepe Mtoto Julián Priester.