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HOW DO YÖU CLEAN YÖUR WEED? "Stans and seeds, mr only weecis, and I shall never smoketiiem ..." Or so sang our friend as he merrily set about the business of removing the trash. He finished quickly, not that he was short on weed, but because of a speedy new sorter... Grass-hopper. What's Grass-hopper? Grass-hopper is a sorter designed to do one job and do that job very well indeed... remove the trash from your weed. Crafted of Mahogany, Grass-hopper's imported Portuguese cork bottom holds the smokables. . . but allows the seeds to turn ble to the bottom and out through a slot. Quick and rather clever, as our friend knows. Now yon can get a Grass-hopper of your own at a dollar savings. Fill out the coupon and send it along with $8.9f. We'll send you a Grass-hopper set of instructions and a FREE package of Grass-hopper papers to get you on your way. i proihctioxsVjI ainc. 21 hayward st.,ipswibh,mass. 01938 Gentle Persons, Good idea, I'll try it. Enclosed is $8.95 to cover the cost of my Grass-hopper, taxes where applicable and postage. Name i Address I City State Zip I Sorry, rjoC.O.D.'sor charges Dealer inquines invited (._._ - ___-.______________ i