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Club Locationsfor events, in this calendar are on puge 2f. Film p'oup pitones & auditoriums on page 27. Friday 6 Moon in Virgo MOVÍ ES ANN ARBOR Cinema Gaild: "Oí Human Bondage" (John Cromwell) wBette Davis. 7 & 9. SI Cinema II: "Loves of a Blond" (Milos Forman) Gzech, sub-iitlcs, 7 & 9, S 1 Mediatrics: " lic Day of the Jackeí" True story based on the attempted assassinaUonofDeGauUe. 7:3O&9, SI YPSILANTI Mud Cinema : "The Way We Were". 7 & 9 : 1 5 . $1 DETROIT Detroit Film Theatre 2: "The Life ofO-Haru (Kenji Mioguchi) 7 & 9:30, $2. Stiulcnts SI (at Rackham Aud., 80 Farnsworth. MUSIC ANN ARBOR Thé Ark Toffee House: León Redbone, 9pm $2.50, folk Bimbo's: Gaslighters, 9pm, 50(!, ragtime Blind Pig: Fenton Robinson, 9:30, $ 1 , Chicago blues Chances Are: Clicker, 9, r&r Golden Falcon: Jazzmen, 10, jazz Mr. Floods Party; Big Lost Raïnbow, 9:30, $1 Pretzel Betk RFD Boys, $ 1 , bluegrass YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Sunday Funm'es, 9, r&r The Suds Factory: Frceway, 9, 50, r&r DETROIT Bakcr's Keyboard Lounge: Sonny Stitt & his Quartct, 9:30, $3.50, jazz Raven Gallery: Josh White Jr., 9:30 & 1 1 :30 $3.50, black folksinger The Savoy-Shflby Hotel: Jimmy Smtth, 9, cali 963-7100 for cover prices, jazz . ELSEWHERE The Stables (E. Lansing): Ahmad Jamal, )0 & 12, $3, jazz The Brewery (E. Lansing): Cheap Trick, SI, r&r TV 6:50pm: Cotnmuniiy Announcements, Cable 3 7:00pm: Community Dialogue, Cable 3 7:3Upm: Black Pcrspective on the News. Ch. 56 8:00pni: Detroit Black Journal, Ch. 56 8:Ö0pm: American Cable Network Tapes, Cable 3 9:00pm: Wa.shington Week in Review, Ch. 56 9:00pm: Poetry Reading - Wendell Barry Cable 3 9:30pm: Off the Record - Michman Public Issues, Ch. 56 10:00pm: lngmar Bergman Film Festival "Wild Strawberry"Ch. 56 1 1 ;30pm: In Concert - Sly & the l'amily Stone, Minnie Ripperton, Donovan, Ch. 7 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Galens Tag Day: UofM Medical Students with red ponchos and buckets wil! be cojlecïing money for projects to help sick kids iparties for CliFÍsUtias, workshops) Ann Arbor Pioneer High presents "Hostile Witness", a play about a lawyer on" trial for murdering a judge. 8pm, Pioneer High Musket presents "Jericho," a musical comedy aboia the newspaper biz and the dying railroads in upstate New York. 8pm", Mendelssohn Theatre. Tickets at Mendel-,sohn Box Office. Cali 763-1 107 METCO presents the GelmanPalidofsky Dance Theatre, 9pm, Art Worlds Theatre (213VÍ S.Main) SI. 50 Ann Arbor Pubftc Library Book Sale, 9am9pm. Book prices reduced each day of sale. Come Celébrate a Gay CHRISTMAS DANCE, 9pm to lam at the V.F.W., 314 E. Liberty. Benefit for Kathy Kozachenko, dortation S2.5O. Free Beer. University Theatre Showcase presents "The Sty of the Blind Pjg," 8pm, Arena Tlieatrc (Ireize Bldg.) Advance sales and info - ticket office, Mendelssohn Lobby, 7640450 Detroit playwright Ron Milner will speak on the "Transition of Black Theatre" in conjunttion with the opening of 'The Sty of the Blind Pig," 3pm, Arena Theatre (l'rcize Bldg.) Admission open to the public. Sponsored by the UofM Black Theatre Workshop Gallo & Let tuce Boycott picketingat Village Corners, 3-6pm Babysitting available ai the Chiidren's Community Center, 7pm-lam, 75hr. YPSJLANTI EMU Theatre presentí "Whispers on the Wind," (a series of vignettes on the 50's & 60's) 8pm in Quirk Auditorium, EMU Campus. Vot reservations or info cali thé EMU Box Office at 487-1221 Gallo & Lettucc Boycott picketing at Great Scott, tl-5pm Saturday 7 Moon in Virgo M0V1ES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "The Little Foxes" (Williani Wyter) wBette Davis 7 & 9, $1 Cinema il: "Shakespeare Wallah" (James Ivory)7&9:15, $1 Mediatrics: "The Day of the Jackel" See 1 26 New World l'ilm Co-op: "Magkal Mystery Tour" 7 & 9 (MLB3) SI. 25 and "Treasure of the Sierra Madre" 7 & 9 (MLB4) $1.25 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Emperoi f the North 7 & 9:15. SI DETROIT Detroit Fihll Theatre 2: "Lola Montes' (Max Ophuts) 7 & 9, $2: siudents SI MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark: León Redhone, see 126 Bimbo's: The Gastighters, see 1 26 Blind Pig: l'enton Robinson, see 1 26 Chances Are: Clicker. see 1 26 Del Rio: liesitation, l:30pm. cw&Jugbaftd Golden 1-ulcon: J.i.zmen, sec 126 Mr. llood's Party: The ti i Lot Rambow, see 126 Prctzel Bell: Rl'U Boys. see 126 YPSILANTI Bimbo's.; Sunday Funnies. see 126 The Suds l:actory: l'teeway, see 126 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Sonny Stitt & (lis Ouartet, see 126 Michigan Concert Palace: REQ Speedwajïon, 8pm, r&r Rapa House Concert Cafe: Alter Hours Jazz 2-6am Raven Ga}kry; Josh White Jr.. see 1 26 The Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Jimniy Smith-, see 126 ELSEWHERE The Stubles (E. Lansing): Ahtnad Jamal, see ■126 The Browery (h. Lansing): Cheap Trick, see 126 TV 6:50pm: Community Announcements, Cable 3 7:Ó0pnr. Community Dialogue, Cable 3 7:00pm: Soundstage - "The World of Randy Newman" Gh. 56 8:00pm: American Cable NetWork Tapes Calilo 3 X:3()pm: The Point anima ted musical fable Music by Harry Ntllson.Ch. 7 I NDAR-, EVENTS ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Pioneer High presenls "Hostfle Wimess" sec 1 26 Galens Tag Day: sec 1 26 Muskei presentí "Jericho" see 126 I he GeimanPalidofsky Dance Theatre, see 126 Ann Arbor Public Library liook Sale. 9am6pm Universiiy Theatre Showcase presentí "The Sty of the Blind Pip," see 1 26 Miehael Shoemaker Istudent of Swami Rudrananda) will speak on Kundalini Yoga. 8pm at Rudrananda Ashram, 640 Oxford 663-9287 Women's Community Center Coffeehouse: ■'Virgin la's Room" Conversation, music, poetry at Guild House, H02 Monroe. All women welcome Planetarium Show: 3pm, Museum of Nat'l. History. (corner N.U. & Washtenaw) 254. 764-0478 Gallo & Lettuce Boycot 1 at Village Corners 3-6pm Babysitting available al Children's Community Center, 7pm-lam, 154ht. YPSILANTI EMU Theatre presents "Wimpers on the Wind" see 1 26 Sunday 8 Moon in Libra MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "The Letter" (Wiiliam Wyler) wBette Davis, 7 & 9, $1 Cinema II: "Taming of the Shrew" (Iranco ZeffirelH) 7 &9:I5.$1 YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Emperor of the North" see 127 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Bitnbo's: The Gaslighters, see 1 26 Ulind Pig: The Slik Purse, 9:30, S0, classical Chances Are: Masquerade, 9, r&r Del Rio: Live jazz 5pm Dooley's: Country music, 7pm Flood's-Mike Smith & his Country Volunteers, 9:30 pm, $.50, C&W Golden Palcon: Scorpio is DJ, lOpm Ramada Wesl-Lightnin RexJ and his Boogie Band. 9pm, blues Unitarian Chutch: Ethel Mertz, youth & leminist music, 8pm. SI. 50. 1917 Washtenaw YPSILANTI liimbo's: Sunday I unnies, see 1 2,6 Ihe Suds I actory: 1 riendi Road Sho, 9pm mime and r&i DtTROIT Bakers Keyboard Lounge: Sonny Stitt & hls Ouartet, see 1 26 Raven GaHery: Josh White Jr., 9:30 & 10:30 $3.50, black folksincer Ihe Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Jiraray Smith, see 1 26 Masonic Auditorium: Marshall Tuckei Band, lanics C'oiton. ( h.irlie Daniels. 7:30pm, tiekeis S6.5.4 at Hudson's. Grinnell's and Masonic Box Office ELSEWHERE The Brewer) il . I ansing): Cheap Irak sec 126 TV 3:3Opm: Issue "Ihe Dijection of the Civil Rights Movemcnt of 1974 and the Projection of 1975" Ch. 7 4:00pm: Behind tlie Lines "Henry Kisswifier and the Press1.'" Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Prison Project of the Ann Arbor Health Care CoUectiveMCHR, 4pm, cali 994-0435 tor iocation Musket presents "Jencho" 2 & 7pm, Men(telssohn Theatre Youth & 1 eminist Music b Sally Avedikian, 8pm al the Unitarian Chureh, 1917 Washtenaw Ave. (34 mi. trom L-M campus) Adm. SI. 50. Sponsored by Youth Liberation, 769-6799 Ann Arbor Civic Ballet presents "Snow White," 2:3Opra & Spm, Power Center. Tickets: Matinee Chüdren SI, Adults $2. Night performance all tickets $2.50 Planetarium Show, see 1 27 l'oetry by Carolyn Grefsory, 3pm at David's liooks, 529 I . Liberty Monday 9 Moon n Libra then in Scorpio 1 :14pm MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pit;: Blue Monday with Boogie Woogie Red. 9:30, SI, blues Chances Are: Masquerade, see 128 Pretel ticlh Amanda Bailey and David Catín, country nmsic. no cover Ramada West Ughtntn' Red and his Boogie Band, see Sun. 128 YPSILANTI Binibo's: Concert Night, fcaturing 2 or 3 different bands The Suds Factoty: liiends Road Show, see 128 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Sonny Stitl & his Quartet, see 126 ELSEWHERE The Stables (E. Lansing): fddie ilarris, 10 & 1 2pm, jazz TV 2:30pm: "Yoga and You"Ch. 56 8:Ö0pm: National Geographic "Great Mojave Desert" Ch. 2 I0:ÜÜpm: Eubie Blake - ragtime. Ch. 56 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Public Library Book Sale, 9am9pm Ann Arbor City Conncil meeting. 7:3Opm City Hall (HuronA Fjfth) Free Legal Aid: 7-1 Opm at F ree People's Clinic, 761-8592 HRP Steering Committee Meeting, S:30pm. 516 E. William Revoiutionary Student Brigade Meeting, 7pm 2207 Michigan Union, 763-6563 for info Indochina PeaceCampaign meeting, 7:3Opm 332 S. State, 764-7548 for info HER-SELF: Women's Community Newspaper open meeting, 7:3Opm 225 E. Liberty Technofascism & the Intelligence Community - Speakers: Winslow Peck, Margaret Van Houten, John Marks, 8pm. Rackham Aud. Sponsored by The National Lawyers Guüd. The Friends of the Ann Arbor SUN. and New World Media Project. Tuesday 10 Moon m Scorpio MOV1ES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor lilm Co-op: "l'iddler on the Roof (Norman Jewtson) 6:45 & 9:30 SI. 5(1 Cinema Ciuild: "La Strada" (Felllnt) 7pm Si and "A SÜL:lit Case ol Murder" (Lloyd Bacon) 9pm SI MUSIC ANN ARBOR lilind Pig: The Other Sido. 9:J0, íl.jazi ChanCes Are: Mjsqucrade, see I 28 I lood 's GemirU, 9:30pm, J.SO, tolk Golden Racon: Black Marquis.J Opm, soul Pretel Bell: Amanda Bailey & David Cahn see 129 YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Concert Nisiht, featuring 2 or 3 differem bands The Suds Factory: llead l-.ast. 9pni r&r DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Sonn) Snn i. lus Quartet, see 1 26 Raven Gallery: Lori Jacobs. 9:30 & 10:30 $3, folk The Savoy-Shelby Motel: llello lVople,9ptn cali 963-7100 For cover m ! .. r4r & mime ELSEWHERE The Brewery (I . Lansing): Hratasis. 5V r&r The Stables (E. Lansing): Eddie Harris, see 129 TV 6:3Onm: An Ounce of Prevention "Nutrition and Staying Vell"Cli. 7 2:00pm: Graad Tetón Nal'! Park. Wyoming Ch. 56 8:3Opm: Ann Arbor City Council Meeting (taped replaj oí Monday meeting) Cable 3 10:00pm: Sound St.ige "Yes We Can Can Pointer Sisters" Ch. 5(5 5:5Opm: Community Announcements Cable continued on page 24 CSEE continued from page 23 EVENTS ANN ARBÜR Ann Arbor Health Ore CoilectiveMCHR general medina. 7:3Opm, 2207 Michigan l iiitin (2nd (looi near ballroom) Solstice A Celebration of Dance, 9pm Barboui Studio, tree. presented by l' of M Dance Department Ann Arbor Public Library Book Sale, 9am6pm Lesbians Opening: rap group al Iminisl Credil Union office, Spm. 225 K. Liberty 761-7973 lor info Wednesday 11 Moon in Scorpio then n Sagittarius 7:35pm MOVIES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor 1-ilm Co-op: "l'iddler on the Roof' sec 1210 Ciöema (uild: "La Straile" sec 1210 and "iurmtïe" (F.W. Murnau) 9pm, SI New World Film Co-op: "Bulch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, 7 & 9 (Nat. ScL)$ï.2S YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "Dumbo" 7 & 9, free MUSIC ANN ARBOR Hlind Pip: Jive Soup, 9:30, $1, jazz Chances Are: Masquerade, see 128 Golden lulcon: Double-O-Soul is dj Mr. I lood's Party: Ron Crick & his Back to the Land Band, 9:30, SI Pretzel Bell: Amanda Baiiey and David Cahn see 1 29 YPSILANTI BimboV 24 Carot Black, 9:00. soul ïhe Suds lactory: Head Kast, see 1210 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Sönny Stitt & his Quartet.see 126 Raven Gallery: Lori Jacobs, see 1 210 The Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Helio People, sëë 1210 ELSEWHfiRH The Brewer) (E. Lansing): Brataxis, SI, r&r The Stables (E. Lansing): Miles Davis, 8 & 1 1 $4, 322 TV 2:3Opm: "Yoga anJ Ymi" Ch. 56 6:5Opm: Announcements Cable 3 7:00pm: Comnumity Dialogue Cable 3 EVENTS ANN ARBOR Solstice A ('elebr.ition of Dance, see 1 210 Pcople's Food Coop meeting, 7:3Opni, cali 761-8173 tor location Vomen Community Center Urganizing Collective meeting, 8pm, 3rd llior conf. rm., Michigan Union Thursday 12 Moon in Sagittarius MOV1ES ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor Fita C'oop: "8V2" (Frederico Fellini) 7 & 9:30, SI. 25 Cinema Gtrild: ÍThe Good F.arth" (Sidney Ftankün) 7 & 9:30, SI New World Film Co-op: "Pink l'lamingos" 7&9Nat. Sci.) $1.25 Women's Film Series (final film): "Women's Liberation" an ABC' News documentary about the women's niovement, tncluding tile 171 take-over of Ladies Home Journal offices. 8pm, Angelí Hail, Aud C, íree admission YPSILANTI Mud Cinema: "The Popeye Follies: His Times & Life" 7 & 9, $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR Blind Pip: Boogie Woogie Red, 9:30, $1, blues Chances Are: l.onnie & the Lugnutz, 9pm r&r Golden Falcon: Jazzmen, lOpm.jazz Mr. i lood 's Party: Ron Criek & His Back to the Land Band, see 121 1 Pretzel Bell: Ril) Boys, SI, bluegrass VPS1LANTI Bimbo's: 24 Carat Black, see 1211 The Suds luclory: Head I-ast, see 1210 DETROIT Baker's Keyboard Lounge: Sonny Stitt & Quartet.see 126 Raven Gallery: Lori Jacobs, see 1210 The Savoy-Shelby Hotel: Helio People, see 1210 ELSEWHERE The Brewery (K. Lansing): Brataxis, 504 r&r The Stables (E. Lansing): Eddie Harris, 10 & 12. jazz TV 6:3()am: An Ounce of Prevenlion - "Prevention of Tooth Decay"C'h. 7 6:5Opm: Comimmity Announcements Cable 3 7:00pm Community Dialogue EVENTS ANN ARBOR Sokttce A Celebration of Dange, 8pm, SchOriing Aud-School of Ed, tree, presented by UofM Dance DeparOnent HRPCity Coramittee meeöng, 6:30p!n, 516 E. Wiiliam YPSILANTÏ The Ypsilanti Food Co-ep will be showing "Aiice In Wonderland" for a futid raising benefit (rent, cooler, etc. are needed) 7 & 9pm in Room 201, Pray-Harold, EMU Friday 13 New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius 1 1 : 25am MOVIES ANN ARBOR Cinema Guild: "Treasure Island" (Víctor Ik-iiiming) 7 & 9, $1 Cinema II: "The Twentieth Century" (Howard Hawks) 7 & 9, Si YPSILANT1 Mud Cinema: "Bettv Boop Scandals of 1974" 7 &9, $1 DETROIT Detroit l'ilm Theatre 2: "Two English Girls" (Francois Truftaut) 7 & 9, $2, Students $1 MUSIC ANN ARBOR The Ark: Owen MacBride, 9pm, $2.50, folk Bimbo's: The Gasliphlers, 9pm, 50i. ragtiroe Blind Pig: Werkman Blues Band and corak I raer Smiih, 9:30pm, SI Chances Are: Lonnie & he Lugnutz l-lood's-Silvcrtones, 9:30pm, S1.00, blues Golden Falcan: Jazztnen.sce 1212 Pretzcl Bell: RID Boys, SI, bluegtass YPSILANTI Bimbo's: Sunday I minies, 9pm, r&r rhe Suds Factory: Head Éast.see 1210