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continued from page 25 Chances Are: Masquerade, 9pm, r&r Del Rio: Live jazz, 5pm Dooley's: The Other Side, 7pm, a Flood's Mike Smith and his.Coantij Volunteers, 9:30pm, S . 5 i , C&W Golden Falcón: Scorpio is dj. Itfpm YPSILA.NTI Biniho's: Sunduy Funnies'see 12 1.1 Suds Factory: Head East, see 1210 DETRQIT Baker's Keyboard I ounge: Sonny Siitt & (Juartet, see 1 26 Raven Cíallery: Lori Jacobs,. see 1213 The Suvoy-Slu-lby Hotel: Helio Pcople, see 1210 ELSËWHERE Tlie Brewery: ljrataxis, see 1213 TV 1 :ü(ipm: "What Pi ice Cilory" wJames C"ainey ('h. 52 7:()(ipni: ■"Birdwalch" Hou to take care ofhirds in eages and healthy birdseed recipes EVENTS ANN ARBOR December Arts & Crafts Fair, open sales 12:3O-6:30pm. Auction 4:3llpni. Kallroom and i'endelton Art Center, 2nd floor, Michigan Union. Presented by the L' of M Artists and Craftsmen Guild Planetarium Show, see 1214 - - =nar- ii.n. ir. ._