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Working For You In '74

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Bob Dvian Suppleinent "X aaEEKaszsESEESMsszzaÍo__-jji_- - aüISHET,. I hiíiui..,ni.ii -suNM-iaii.ikiwms s,.,,am..,,v ,' """" '"TlT" OÍDO JUMMj k KCpWDIlCanS JBHHr MshFunn l..i.ll.dsl.gllii.,irJ CilmLidlxnv J3ll tO tlK? VflIPI . P ts3 i r ,- rv--. P i i...,i-. ■ I _ - jiInlP ■ wBtÊÊÊÉÊÊ. I fc fsj.f.w-z.1 r..: jfc r ft I 'rTevenifli iw Uenttslry & rterual Medicine I ltM9MQaatniup gPB Jv _, JiolUIni vUl Ij OC V-l ni vi o i iv kj pv j p. ■ - o nt_ i ' a o _ g #a i Hi' flV Hl Iwtwi ISSUE NO. 2 - JAN. 25 ISSUE NO. 3 - FEB. 8 ISSUE NO. FEB. 22 ISSUE NO. 6 - MARCH 22 Seven months before ít happens, the Sun The Sun takes up the battie against a new Abe Lincoln tokes up to point out that The Sun urges people to vote the fools out predicts: Tricky Dick is on his way out. MacDonald's burger joint planned for the votéis can restore a $5 fine for marijuana in an issue which precedes defeat of Oyde U of M campus área. Republican control possession that Republicans had canceüed. Colburn, GOP's Number One Man in Ann rcsults in a defeat on this one, however. The voters WIN this time. Arbor. K'J0RT Jíl'v himíwxis The WAR RESEARCH LAB Which fcv - Ci mi Driy pPTMUI j 25C Helped Kill CHE Wants County Aid R (f9to CJ A - - - ■ ■ CJa$r J KKfl i TimLearitStaÉeWitness? sfL= ; jrlHHÍEÍÍí" ■e''-?'j,B ULSl JA. " , T 'B AS P WINAPOUNDoíCOLUMBlAN 3 maybe narcs. ■ imL. JtjiÜf ,-„ jjfcj_!jl M DO THE LOCAL MOTIOM HHH BHÜHHHHIBHI ISSUE NO. 18 - SEPT. 20 ISSUE NO. 19 - SEPT. 27 ISSUE NO. 23 - OCT. 25 ISSUE NO. 28 - DEC. 6 The Sun is one of the first to show the The Sun helps expose the planned move The biggest point of the fall elections, so The Sun kicks off a new campaign to exconnection between spray cans and damage of the ERIM war research lab to Ann Albor. says the Sun, is the Preferential Voting Propose federal agents and other narc-types to the ozone. (2 months later even A month later the County wil) hold up posal. One week later the voters agree, seallurking in our community. can congressmen are trying to outlaw the ERIM's money due to protests. ing the doom of the GOP in Ann Arbor. spray cans!). DoingltAgQinln75 y Ín FrOÍñiftQ OURRATES r ▼ ▼ . JgH m V I ICiV Jll 13 Some of our readers have expressed confusión at the subX jW V scription rates offered in the past (i.e., different rates for Á V'iT -É # X Subscribe to the Sun now and you tan get : home delivery and mail delivery). So, now that we're chang 4Ê wflmíM Mm X r 8 issue subscriptions:) 3 colectors items trom ingour publication schedule to bi-weekly (see page 2), we'd f Jm mF I 'he Ann Ar')or Blues and Jazz Festival including a like to take this opportunity to simplify things somewhat. I ■ ■ nuge 22" x 33" four-color 1973 poster -a beautiful Effective immediately, the Sun has one subscription rate X 0 Üi I Vh wa" nan8n8 onefr both home delivery (in Ann Arbor and Ypsi) and mail m Vlll 'B 1 (For 24and 48 issue subscriptions:) your choice delivery (outside Ann Arbor and Ypsi). An introductory sub ift %. M JU JImI of one of the following: 1) Herbie Hancock's scription (8 issues) now costs only $2.00. A 24 issue subscrip . BlÉFlpMrl%(Fl JffífK latest smash jazz lp THRUST 2) saxophonist tion goes for $5.50 and a 48 issue sub costs $10.00. These THp ïnn i thp nnlv npuwnanpr tn Pupr nffpr a frPP nnnnH 1 Marion Brown's newest album SWEET EARTH rates are based on our old mail delivery rates -there is no ex I he bun IS Wie Only newspaper TO ever oner a Tree pouna 1 1 fLYING, 3) a paperback copy of CUITAR tra charge for home delivery.) f Of marijuana tO itS readers. To winyours , JUSt f ill OUt an 1 . ARM Y. Prison & Street Writings by John SinAlso-all people who have previously paid for subscriptions f icial entTV blank (at riant) and send it in. On JanuarV 24 Slair' 4) a red-nyellow ANN ARBOR SUN Twill get the full number of issues paid for. Thanks for your ,., . , . , ? 1.1 i .■ x.- ■ i j SHIRT in your size. cooperation. we II randomly piek entry blanks-the f irst one picked wins II [ ONE POUND OF HIGH GRADE COLOMB1AN SMOKING f ,_i 1 MARIJUANA, the next four picked each win one FREE ƒ 13 subscription i-orm and oi ik iai. intry blank fía paco TO TUF mpw ArvDI n MPDI A Fll MQFRIPQ I I already subscribe to the SUN. Knter my name in the Pound of Colombian Contest. l fA I U I M t Ntïï WUKLU IVltLMA f I LIVI itKitS I W Enter my name in the Contest ;md start my subscription to the SUN. (over 50 films), the next ten picked each Win One ƒ I I don't want to subscribe ripht now, but enter my name in the Contest anyway HARDBOUND COPY OF GUITAR ARMY NAM1 addressstrkit ' APT no graphed by John Sinclair plus a free year of the " city state zip phoni Sun, thé last fifteen picked each Win one Start an introductory 8 issue) subscription to the SUN and send 3 tree Blues and Jazz Festival collectors on-yellow AIM1M ARBOR SUN T SHIRT and Wf items. Enciosed is $2.00. . „. 4J-K, nf tho cllrl traa ■ Starl a 24 lssue subscription to the SUN and send a free record, book or t-shirt. Enciosed is $5.50. X One year OT ine OUti TrejïLÖ Start a 4X issue subscription to the SUN und send u tree record, book or t-shirt. Enciosed $10.00 w For the latest Win a Pound of S S X. Colombian Contest news, ïst choice bonus: 2iidhoice: . see page 5. J S '-shirt S17C s m ' x"' a r Clip, send, and make all checks payable to: Ann Arbor Sun, 603 E. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. 48108