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Page 5 Voter reristration cartoon bj Barbara Weinberg; lettering bj ( Grimshaw. Penants graphic, Gary Keil. Page 7 937, Depresión photo, Margare! Bourke-White hom The Best of I ito. i'..-.' 8 1975, unemploymeot line photo, Kajhy Kelley. Puge 9 I thel Jack photo trom J.ibcration News Service. United l arm Workers photo trom Ramparts Magazine. Page 13 Henry Kissingei cartoon bj Gar Keil. Page 14 Mr iiogv phoenix by Gary Grimshaw; adapted by Barbuni weinberg. Page 1 5 Mayor Stephenson & Pólice Chict Krasny cartoon bv Gan Keil. Page 16-17 Kirhan pilotos trom Hundbook of PS1 Discoveries, Ostrander & Sch roeder The Kirlian Aura by Stanley Krippner, PlayL'irl Magazine and Noithem Neighbors magazine. Pain tina of aura by AKiui Mati Klarwein, from Niiik iV. Honey. l';ii;c 18 Meg Christian photo COUrtesy of Oliüa Records. l'.iiie 19 Bassist cartoon by (i.iry Keil. Page 2 1 1 xpose-A-Narc cartoon in Chrij Fnyne. Page God father Part II photo courtesy ofParamount Pktures.