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A HE LEGENDARY WEEEK CONTEST OF 1975 It isn't every day that the average person in you do, we'd like to mention a few more reasons for this Legendary morning without even being charged. Of the rethis community - or anywhere else, as far as we Weed contest so you won't think we're only crazy: maining 13, a dozen copped pleasor had their can teil - can sign up for a chance to win a fullJanuafy 24th, the day of the Big Drawing which brings our charges dismissed, and so escaped jail time. scale POUND OF COLOMBIAN WEED simply by humble contest to an end, is a significant date in Michigan's One remained to fight back by challenging the writing one's name on a piece of paper and sending it marijuana history. On that day in 1967, Detroit pólice state's marijuana statutes as unconstitutional. This in to their local newspaper. In fact, we've never heard swept down on a fourblock area in the Warren-Forest was John Sinclair and the origin of the celebrated of such a thing before, and that's one of the reasons neighborhood near Wayne State University and "Ten For Two" case which, nearly five years later, resulwhy the Ann Arbor SUN itself has initiated such a coned up 56 persons for sale and possession of small ted in the overturning of Michigan's marijuana laws and test. quantities of reef er. the release of Sinclair and 132 other marijuana prisoners Yes, yes, yes, as Washboard Willie would say, it's hap"56 Arrested in Campus Dope Raid" blared from the state's clutches. Sinclair himself had served twenpening right now as the SUN's "Win a Pound of Colombian" the Detroit Free Press the morning after Dety-nine months of a 9% to 10 - year sentence imposed for Subscription Drive and Legendary Weed Contest of 1975 troit's first big marijuana raid, yet 43 of possession of two joints of weed. goes into its final 18 days, with the Big Drawing and the Grand those picked up were let go the next We've chosen the date January 24, then, to observe the Announcement of the Contest Results scheduled for Friday, t eighth anniversary of the "Great Weed Bust of 1967," and alJanuary 24, when the lucky winners (that's you, folks!) will re "fcM fm" V so point out that things haven't changed yet as much as they ceive, absolutely free, the following Grand Prizes: ímWu M M - . need to. First Place: ONE FULL SCALE POUND OF HIGH .tTmPwM We now have a far mOre lenient state PenaltV for possession GRADE COLOMBIAN SMOKING MARIJUANA (One éAt A w5f and Mle one and four Vears' down from ten winner only); " a and twenty-to-life). And, n Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, and Second Place: One Free Pass to the New World Media Jr vö. East Lansing, we have $5 weed laws which the pólice Spring Term Film Series, good for more than f ifty 4@AT I atILÁ use but also evade depending on their whim at the films (Four winners to be picked); V Jm P moment. Third Place: One Hardcover Copy of John SinM K 5 What we don't have, contrary to the spirit of clair's Book GUITAR ARMY: Street Writings w 'w Bf JÊf Vj the $5 law, is the freedom to purchase and smoke Prison Writings (1968-1971) autographed by the mfg 9t H ááK V5k reefer witnout the fear or reality of pólice harasauthor (Ten winners to be picked); h E Ê L. B m V IWP sment. In fact, those involved in dealing even Fourth Place: One Ann Arbor SUN "Win a mV f Bk M B ifl F lMÉ small quantities, which the SUN considers a Pound of Colombian" T Shirt (in your size, of B H V ■ B V 3 public service, are being subjected to an increacourse) PLUS a Free One-Year Subscription to I V Bk fl K ÈÊ F I sing secret agent bureaucracy and more busts the SUN (Fifteen winners to be picked). L VV Ê w M . than ever before. (Winners will be chosen and certified by 1 B Bl BB B Wm Ê ipWe are offering a free pound of Colombian Democratie County Commissioner (Washtenaw) 9 B BT Jf A F È marijuana to underscore our support for the Catherine McClary.) i 11. J L B BV .fl E a complete and total legalization of marijuana on While we love giving away these wonderful J B.IL m waM " m Mr al' 'evels, from one joint to 5000 pounds. prizes for their own wonderful sake, of course, our B w TÊt M And, as the SUN was instrumental in its earlislightly less sinister purpose is to bring our com,i_ mWU Af A er days in the struggle to reduce the penalties for munity newspaper to the attention of more people p vKa K- . at wm' possession and sale of marijuana by our fellow citithan we've been able to reach so far. jCJB 1 -aw zens, we will continue to fight for that goal which So we're holding the Great Colombian Contest in Áw - A+. so many of us now share. conjunction with a concentrated Subscription Drive which J "Tr You can follow that struggle, and become a part of it, we hope will bring us lots of new readers in the Ann Arbor lAuLJ' V participating in the active, resistant life of the communYpsilanti area. éW jWm aF ity which the SUN serves. In the space below you'll read how you can help make this effort 41 Y)h"Ï Now, here's how you can subscribe: I a big success by taking out a subscription to the SUN. But before JLaW JJE Special Student Subscription & Intro. Of f er ] witn mis issue tne burvi ñas inmaiea a special siudent subscription plan which also doubles as an ntroductory offer for people who aren't students but haven't subscribed yet either. To wit: you can get the SUN delivered to your door every other Friday for the next four months (8 big issues) for the paltry sum of $2.00. If you live outside Ann Arbor - that is, beyond the reach of our fledgling home-delivery system - you'll get it by mail for the same low Drice. If you're not leavinc town four months from now - if you plan to stick around for another of Ann Arbor's action-packed long happy summers - you might well want to order up a full one-year sub (24 thrilling issues) for the grand sum of $5.50; or then again you might want the Big Deal subscription, two full years (48 issues in all) for just 10 Bucks. In any event, to demónstrate once more that we're not only in it for the money, you don't have to subscribe in order to enter the "Win a Pound of Colombian" Contest, nor do you have to be a subscriber in order to Win One of The Big Prizes to be given away at our drawing January 24th. We'd get a special glow n our hearts and minds, of course, if the Big Winner was a SUN Subscriber as I well, but - we repeat - it isn't necessary. Anyone can enter, as many times as they wish, and the more times you enter the better your chances are of winning. Good luck, dear friends, and f you get any kicks out of this Contest, please remember where they came from. The Ann Arbor SUN. Your community newspaper. Serving Ann Arbor since k 1968, regularly since Yj 1971. And having a good time OFFICIAL ENTRY BLANK and BON FIDE SUB. FORM I ENTER MY NAME IN THE CONTEST AND START MY NAME SUBSCRIPTION TOTHESUN Start an 8 issue (4 month) subscription. Enclosed is $2.00 AUUK tbb AH I . IMU Start a 24 issue (1 year) subscription. Enclosed is $5.50 CITYSTATE Start a 48 issue (2 year) subscription. Enclosed is $10.00 I DON'T WANT TO SUBSCRIBE RIGHTNOW BUTEN ZIP PHONE TER MY NAME IN THE POUND-OF-COLOMBIAN MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE AND SEND TO CONTEST ANYWAY. ANN ARBOR SUN. 603 E. WILLIAM, ANN ARBOR, Ml. 48108 JË i--- ------ - - - - - - r