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ROTC WANTS U-M CREDIT- Having once sparked a great controversy on campus, it looks like ROTC will get its way, furtrrer strengthening the local military presence. By Ellen Hoffman Page 4. MILITARY RESEARCH AT THE BIG U-David Stoll takes a look at current warresearch contracts and the professors who are responsible for them Page 4. PAPER RADIO- In the local news this week a battle looming over revenue sharing money, a new pothole emergency service, and a look at long MESC and Food Stamp lines in town. By Ellen Hoffman Page 6. INFORMED SOURCES-Ford's Fraudulent CIA Commission, Bell Teil Caught Wire tapping, Acquittals at Attica, news from Ireland and Angola, pieced together by Pun Plamondon Page 7. THE NEW INDOCHINESE OFFENSIVE-Liberation forces are nearing victory in Vietnam and Cambodia. What will the U.S. do? By David Stoll Page 9. TILTING TOWARDS ARMAGGEDON IN THE MIDEAST-MIT Professor Noam Chomsky, one of the earliest and most articúlate critics of the Vietnam war, takes a look at U.S. policy in the mideast powderkeg; courtesy of University Review Page 10. BOOKS-David Goodman reviews Warren Hinckle's "Memoirs of a Lunatic Decade," the story of Ramparts Magazine in the 1960's Page 13. COCAÏNE: THE SNOWS IN THE NOSE-Michael Castleman examines the benefits, dangers and history of the expensive white powder Page 14. MUSIC: Records Page 16. Sun Ra at the Savoy, by Bill Adler Page 1 7. Chicago Blues Comes to the Michigan Union, by John Sinclair .... Page 19. LAST CHANCE TO WIN A POUND OF COLOMBIAN!-Page 20. CLASSIFIEDS-Page24. CULTURAL IMPORT STORES IN TOWN-Page 21. COMMUNITY CALENDAR-A complete listing of films, music, TV, radio and events for Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, plus Detroit highlights Page 22. - .- - - . - -- - - - - i- i - - - - Jl