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lanrml - ív FREE MykwTJ JfïMS a. sr EH I , v B ET 't isn't every day you get something for free any M TVF_ g {ImÍ Pf more, t's true, but our new SUN subscription offer, V P y W fectivewith this issue of the Ann Arbor SUN, gives you the chance to Vfe. Y55piT 'y 96t Sme ffee music by some of the most exciting and energetic performers VfiJÍ W y jTy" found. All you have to do s subscribe to the SUN, Ann Arbor's community Vjf James Brown: #' vice. for at least V S.. f l-red Weslev & the S get two records with a subscription) and you can records pictured above, courtesy Records. But you have to act ham oneyearlyou V% NeuJrTs: two-year,48-issue 1 X "BrcafcirT Bread" take your choice of the of Blue Note and Polydor since our supplies are limited. It the records aren't enough to ge, you to bite (and we reallv YE5 ' , SUN """'í,0' "" YpS"an"' and Det'" aren', foolish enough to thmk that they are) you shouW know ' & " " ' T0" outf te M'ch'9an erV two weeks with all the that our bi-weekly newspaper will olve vou coveraae of r ""P "T' ' d'SCUSSed V6r n Ur left there' But mus.cians and other ri.ln.ral LnL ou covera9e of I can't refuse! Please send me lf V" take out a subscnption to the SUN. and you live in the Ev to aet IpwÏp V0U 3re nOt V0Ur scintilating community Ann Arbor-Yps, area. we'll deliver the SUN to your door the likey to get elsewhere; regular medical and paper every two weeks, according to day it rolls off the presses! lf you're somewhere else we'll neaitn care advice that your doctor probably hasn't the following plan: mail it to you just as fast. You can order your subscriptoldyouabout.pohticalcoverageof the Ann Ar F . , . , ■ tion for four months, one year or two years under bor and Ypsilanti commun,t,es wh,ch sn't quite fX&ST ÏÏlWS 50 TsOO the M{ A four-momh 'eljft the same as the News or the Daily's; political plusan LP pius2LPs issue sub costs you only S2. 00, the same as our and economie analysis of national and world ' ouid like to receive the following record (mark 1st 2nd and coinbox Price. b Vu get it delivered or mailed affairs which intends to enlighten rather 3rd choices): v to your very door every two weeks. You don't than mystify you; and a spectrum of □ Elvin Jones: D James Brown: D Fred Wesley & the 9et a free record, but if you order a full year's features and services including a prettv prN,ones "Reaiity" NewJB's: subscription ( 24 issues), you can piek any calendar of interes Polydor 6039 "Break, n' Bread" one of the three free jams pictured above ting events through the area Name: - Polydor 6604 and receive t wjtn your f jrst $sue f Address:_ . CityState: . zjp Vu take a twovear, 48-issue sub, you can choose two free records as your , P.S.: See and hear KL VIN JQNKS thb weekend a, ,he Savoy Rem f the Hotel, Pirs, & Wijret fa Detroit e3rth'V reWard' SUndS 9d